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A long explanation but hopefully a shorter answer

From a previous blog I wrote what happened when I went to see the doctor with my Blue Horizon tests and they explained they couldn’t treat me on their results so I had to have their blood tests.

I rang two weeks later and was told they were all in so went to see the locum doctor about the results and he suggested I see a psychologist! At that time I didn’t realise the Vit D wasn’t back and now I have been asked to make a non urgent appointment with my doctor as my Vit D test has arrived.

I want to be able to understand the comments on their results before I see the doc so wondered if someone to could help me.

There are liver, urea and electrolyte and FBC which looks like blood results all look fine and in the lower end of the range.

TSH seems fine at 0.4 (0.2-5.5) only gone down since I started smoking again, as it was 2.8 in December.

My queries are the following and typed as shown and I would like to know what they mean in easy English:

Intrinsic factor antibody

Negative – a negative result with this test does not exclude a diagnosis of pernicious anaemia. (doc said at last visit I’m not anaemic).

B12 – 483 ng/L (180-1000) This has gone up as I had been taking Jarrows 5000 tablet for a week before. My Blue Horizon test was an active B12 test 50.1 (25.1-165).

Underneath this B12 test it says – occasionally a false normal serum B12 result may be generated due to the presence of high titre Intrinsic Factor Antibodies. If there is a clinical suspicion of Autoimmune B12 Def, please request Intrinsic Factor testing and inform Haematology of clinical indication.

Serum ferritin – 19 ug/L (10-300)

Ferritin is an acute phase protein and may give an unreliable estimate of iron status in patients with coexistent inflammatory disease.

Sorry for the saga but I want to understand the last bits as I’m dreading the appointment if it turns out like the last two.

Many thanks


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Did ne say why you should see a psychologist? It seems incredibly offensive.


Hi Mia, I explained to him I was trying to eliminate other possible problems eg Vits, etc before exploring problems with my thyroid medication. He said that private labs would always find something wrong as we were paying them and perhaps it was all in my head and I should see a psychologist. He gave me a website to look up "Five steps for Emotional Wellbeing". You can see why I want to be clued up for my visit next week!


That really is quite disgusting. What a pompous idiot.


This might make things clearer.


What an insulting little man he seems - and good on you for wanting to educate yourself so that you can hold your own with this idiot.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie, thanks for the link. I have the book but haven't got all the way through it yet. I have saved the link. x


Where you quote "doc said at last visit I’m not anaemic" - doctor would probably have been talking about Iron-Deficiency Anaemia.

Whereas Intrinsic-Factor antibodies indicate concern over Pernicious Anaemia (effectively, it is low B12). Two very different disorders which share a part of their names.

Your taking B12 means that the serum B12 is reflecting recently taken B12. You have been tested for Intrinsic Factor antibodies. You can ignore the rest of that bit.

Ferritin could definitely be higher but it is not right at the bottom. The comment is irrelevant because it isn't high.

Remember, I am not medically trained.



Hi Rod

Thanks for that, it means I can ignore all those results as fine and concentrate on the Vit D and then ask for a referral to a private endo.



Is this your gp or endo (or other)? Is it possible to see someone else? Sometimes if you go into your appt clued up they will reassess their rubbish attitude, but if he is going to continue to be an @rse to you I would hate to think you were spinning your wheels with him wasting your time and energy when you could be seeing someone who wants to be helpful.

By the same token I know if isn't easy to just swap (esp when you don't always know if the next doc will be any better). Well done to you for going in fully armed. Good luck! x


Hi the last appt was with a locum. I am seeing one of the partners next Tues so will hopefully go a bit better. I was thinking of taking my husband in with me but I think it would look stupid, I'm just fed up with being spoken to like I'm an idiot. x


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