Had a number of B12 tests, should I take B12/supplements now, or get active b12 test?

Hi everyone. Over the last few months I’ve put a few posts on here about my concerns about having low B12. My test results are as follows:

Serum B12: 182 ng/l (180-1000) and a few weeks later 202 ng/l

Homocysteine: 9.9 mmol/l

MMA: 0.25 umol/l

Serum folate: 5ug/l

Vitamin D: 44.5 nmol/L (it had dropped to 34.5, but have been now taking 6,000IU a day, so I think it’s increasing)

Anti-Intrinsic factor: Negative

I have bought some Jarrows 5,000mcg B12 Methylcobalamin and a good quality whole-food multi supplement. Before I start taking these I was considering having the active b12 test to see what it was, since once I start taking the B12 I know that this result will not be a reliable indicator due to the supplements. However, the active test needs a GP referral, and while my GP did order the additional tests I asked for, he has now adamantly told me that I do not have B12 problems, so won’t give me the referral.

So my question is, should I forget about having the test and just start taking the supplements, or investigate the much more expensive Blue Horizon active b12 test? I’ve been waiting a while for the results of my MMA test, and so have been putting off taking the B12/supplements. I don’t want to keep waiting though as things won’t improve (well let’s hope so anyway) until I do start taking the B12/supplements.

So what's your thoughts?

Cheers :)

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  • Whitenoise, you may get more help with B12d from facebook.com/groups/1749289... or healthunlocked.com/pasoc

  • Suppose it's not really a good idea to do a duplicate post in that group, anyway this can be moved? I shall take a look at the facebook group as well Clutter, thanks.

  • Whitenoise, Why not copy and paste your post? I was thinking you'd get advice on your homocysteine and MMA.

  • Did you have the Blue Horizon B12 test or was it your GP? If it was Blue Horizon, they do the active B12 test.

  • The GP just did the normal serum B12 test.

  • Have you had the (Holo TC ) blood test to determine if deficiency of B12 at a cellular level.

    If not, don't start to supplement until after your test.

    The cost privately,for me was 25.00.

    I am awaiting my MMA results from the London lab, but there has been a delay due to a problem with there equipment.

  • No I haven't had that test done as this is the 'active' test I was referring too.

    Where did you get it for £25.00? The cheapest I'd seen was £18+£12 postage from the NHS hospital in London. However, this requires a GP referral letter which I can't get.

  • I did my test privately.

    I didn't need a GP to give consent, if I am paying to have these blood tests done.

    My GP only goes on the standard B12 blood test, and going by her test, mine was within normal range.

    I now know, that she would never have consented to having the (HoloTC) done.

    I have been told that I won't need my homocysteine level checked, that the MMA will be all I need.

    You said, you were waiting for your MMA results to come back, so I assumed you had your Active B12 blood test done.

    Why not try Blue Horizon, as marram has suggested.

  • Thanks for the information manukia. I looked at Blue Horizon, but I think it was something like £90 or something to have the test. You mentioned you were getting yours privately, but from where at £25? Cheers.

  • My very good local hospital.

  • Ah I see. Assuming this was a private hospital like a Nuffield or a Spire or something of that like, or was it just done privately at an NHS hospital? I mention this as there is a Nuffield hospital near me, so I might contact them.

  • I hope you can get the Active B12 blood test done, it does take sometime to get the results back.

    Kind regards


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