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Help! My doctor is refusing to test my Thyroid Antibodies

I have been feeling really really drained of energy for a few months now, maybe even coming up to a year. I nearly fainted a couple of times and the OH pushed me to go to the doctor to test things out. Now there have been symptoms as well that I was having.

- I have had carpal tunnel surgery even though I had all the signs but my nerve conduction test came out minimal in one and ok in the other. Unexplainably, I still can't open jars properly and feel that I have lost my grip strength

- I have gained about 8 kg in the last six months, although my intake has gone down.

- I can fall asleep anywhere, even if I had a good nights sleep, (my OH says its a heredetary problem :)

- I started feeling the cold a lot more recently

- Muscle cramps - well had these since i was a kid esp in the arch of my feet and lower legs

- My cholesterol level is high

- Easily distracted can't keep my mind focused at all

- I keep forgetting things - I can;t remember like I used to

I had a fasting blood test done. All in all, my TSH came out normal

My iron was normal

My blood sugar was normal - and ruled out Diabetes although there is a family history of it.

My vit D came out low

One of my AST or ALT came out a little high (can't remember which one)

My cholesterol came out marginally high

Now I can associate all my symptoms with Hashimoto's but since my TSH came out normal, my GP doesn't want to test me for thyroid anti-bodies. He has put me on a mild dose of Vit D (1000 IU / day) and awaiting an ultrasound of my liver.

According to my GP, the lab will only test me for thyroid anti-bodies if my TSH level is abnormal. I habe yet to see another GP and put my case forward.

Anyone else has this or can give me any advice?

I would really appreciate any input!


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Not much help but as an example of how a normal tsh doesn't mean there won't be high antibodies, my first tsh was 5.6 and antibodies 260 and my next reading tsh was 2.9 but my antibodies had gone up to 1,300 in a normal range of max 60!

I think the issue you may find is that my doctor told me they can't do anything to stop the antibodies raising and it is likely thy will just keep going up . The antibodies themselves are not what is causing me to be hypo, it's the antibodies making the tsh level rise that is making my hypo. Luckily I now have a doctor who is willing to look at symptoms and not go by 'normal range' but is you have one who isn't in their eyes there is no point testing for antibodies as they won't do anything for this unless they are effecting your

If this is or correct or not I'm not sure but this is what my doctor told me although since bring on this forum it seems doctors have many different opinion

Good luck and I hope you get answers soon!


Sorry meant to say unless they are effecting your tsh..


Hi! Thanks for the answer.. Just been to see the second doctor. She asked for another blood test but said it's up to the lab whether they test for thyroid antibodies as they will only normally do it if my tsh levels are abnormal. If they refuse to test it.. I am back at square 1..


Hello just read your blog just joined today and I have identified your symptoms. I am awaiting a visit this month to see a neurosurgeon. I have like tightening symptoms in my upper left arm like having the blood test rap on. Aching feet, and joints. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18 years ago. Having bloods next week requested T3 levels doctor did not want to even do that and I had to fight for it. Feeling very tired, all the time and weight gain of over 2stones. I think it could be carpal tunnel for me also. This is a nightmare. Hope you get sorted, and me too. Good luck. I am trying to get the dessicated natural thyroid hormones, no chance with the doctors do you have any advise?


Hi all!!

First of all here is my last full blood workout (Figures in bracket indicate range)

Urea and electrolytes

Serum Sodium level 144mmol/l (133-146)

Serum Potassium level 4.0mmol/l(3.5-5.3)

Serum Urea level 7.7mmol/l(2.5-7.8)

Serum Creatinin 90umol/l (60-120)

Liver Function test

Albumin level 45g/L (35-50)

alkaline phosphate 109 iu/l (30-130)

ALT/SGPT 75iu/L (2-53) HIGH

bilirubin 9umol/L (<21)


B12 319 ng/L (220-700)

folate 3.8ug/L (2.6 -17.3)

ferritin 98ug/L(23-540)

Full Blood Count

white blood 8.2x10^9 (4-11)

Red blood 5.20x10^12 (4.5-6.5)

Heamoglobin 154g/L (130-180)

Hematocrit 0.447 L/L (0.4-0.54)


Easonophil 0.41x10^9/L (0.04-0.4) <====HIGH

Triglycerides 2.72 mmol/L (0.0-2.0) <===== HIGH

cholesterol HDL ration 5.6

TSH 3.3 miu/L (0.3-5.0)

serum calcium 2.24mmol/L (2.2-2.6)

inorganic phosphate 0.99 mmol/L (0.8-15)

Vit D 33nmol/L <====Insufficient

Sorry Is kipped a few one in blood count.. If anyone can help me decyoher them.. great!

Thanks all


Some would argue that your TSH level is abnormal - it's not about being within the reference range, it's about being optimal within that range. You look under-medicated to me.

Also your folate and B12 are both way too low - that B12 needs to be at least 500 and preferably nearer the top of the range. Folate also needs to be a lot higher in range.

I shall be interested to hear what happens with your liver scan though. My ALT readings were high when I was on T3 and this was one of the reasons given for managing me off it.



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