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Is my partner hypo with a TSH of 2.4 and B12 177ng/L LOW

For a while now I have suspected my partner being hypo. As usual the GP is less than helpful, even though his B12 is very low in my opinion and the GP will not give B12 injections and just says will blood test my partner again in 3 months time. Vit D was not tested even though I had requested this at the last GP appointment. Cholesterol ok

Serum Triglycerides 2.1 mmol/L HIGH

Plasma Viscosity 1.78 mPa.s HIGH

Can any one please comment on what they think these results might suggest and do they point to an under active thyroid. He suffers mild panic attacks, is always tired and cognotively affected. Is his TSH of 2.5 normal or does it suggest hypothyroidism?

Many thanks in advance

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Most of his symptoms are almost certainly related to his very low B12 levels. He really needs to get them above 500 and fairly quickly too. Is it worth trying another GP to see if they might prescribe B12 shots? If he can't get them, a good quality B vitamin complex is a good idea. Some people find the sublingual lozenges best, although I think they are only B12. He will need to take the other B vitamins too. I noticed quite a big difference on increasing my B12 levels. It's amazing how bad low levels can make you feel.

Levels below 500 can cause cognitive dysfunction as well as other neurological problems. It would probably be best to get this sorted out before looking into thyroid. TSH of 2.5 can be fine for some people, high for others and even low for some people. Best sort out the B12 first. With low levels of B12 he is probably not able to use the thyroid hormones very well anyway. Getting this up may get rid of the hypo symptoms. If not, then investigating T4 and/or T3 would be wise.

Has he had his iron and ferritin tested? If these are below optimal values this will also be contributing to his symptoms. Ferritin should be 70-90 minimum and serum iron should be in the upper half of the range. If he is this deficient in B12 it is also not unlikely that he is also deficient in iron, but this should be tested before supplementing as too much iron is not good for you.

I hope that helps a little. Hopefully he gets the B12 soon!

Carolyn x


Many thanks Carolyn, No they did not test for ferritin or iron levels. Will get sublingual B12 into him straight away! Thank you for replying so promptly. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year. C x


And to you. All the best for 2013 :)


Thank you. Can one over dose on B12 ?


I'm not sure, but as it's water soluble I don't think it would be very easy. One problem from taking too much would be that, as the body flushes the excess B12, other B vitamins can be flushed out too. That's why it's a good idea to also take the other B vitamins. There's also the issue that the body can only absorb so much at once so any excess would be got rid of. If he sticks to the recommended dose he should be fine :)


Hi, sorry to know of your partner's problems.

I had B12 of 167 (180-900 ), totally ignored then treated with contempt then despite many symptoms, used sub-lingual 5000mcg tablets, raised this level to more than 1500, symptoms vanished. My ferritin levels were then sub-optimal at 49, where CarolynB's suggested 70-90 is definitely to be aimed at.

Bear in mind that if you start on sublinguals your partner's B12 level wil probably be raised by the next blood test in three months time and the doctor might then refuse injections of B12. Same consideration for me, but continued extreme deterioration of gave me no choice, at 177, range not given, your partner might feel the same.

If you would like to read about what to buy, where, why, B12 dietary sources, and associated factors supporting B12 absorption I have many posts on this link:

It might be advisable also to supplement with selenium, 200mcg per day, to maximise T4-T3 conversion, plus Vitamin C 1000mg (equal to 1 gram) as a minimum daily. Find one without any artificial sweeteners, which are really bad news for the thyroid. I also use Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin, by Solgar once daily as per label.

Avoid fluoride from whatever source, toothpastes, etc. Read about such things on the main site at

Regarding the other two items rated as High, the GP should explain these and the treatment if any.

Hope this helps. Injections are the most efficient way but getting them can be difficult and some GPs (not all!) have not a clue as to their necessary frequency.


I posted this a short time ago and if you haven't seen it - take a look. His B12 is far too low.


I can only speak for myself but I am hypo and have been for 18 years and my levels have been between 0.8 which some say is too low up to 17.16 which is too high, I also have Pernicious Anemia which was discovered 3 mths ago when my TSH level was too high so now I'm being referred to an endocrinologist.


In my opinion. that is a low B12 and should be addressed regardless of anything else.

I would not make too much of a single TSH. I am sure many of us here see "thyroid" everywhere, which is quite understandable, but not always true! I would, though, ensure that another test is done fairly soon.


Thank you every one for your input. I have ordered jarrow sublingual 5000. So hopefully that will help. Also will make sure other tests done in 3 months time! Gp said only allowed tests in 3 months time!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone. X


it is worth looking at the pernicious Anemia Society website -there is a small registration fee but it has loads of info including a symptom guidance checklist. If you are supplementing with high b12 lozenges for under the tongue be sure to leave them there till they completely dissolve -may take about 40mins to an hour. Also take a high quality complex vit B like Lamberts which contains follate -you need the follate to maximise absorption of the b12. I also put a link to a Dr Chandry' website -if you look at my blogs you should find it which is worth looking at. And yes taking a high supplement of b12 will definitely skew the next blood test -takes about 7 weeks to clear from the system but it depends if you want to wait that long or not! xx


Thank you wavylines, He is on B12 as soon as we got back from the GP as I have low B12 I have a cupboard full of vitamin supplements! I have noticed him being not himself and dragged him to GP for blood tests, Even had to ask the GP to do them, But even then they missed some out. I knew something was wrong with him so was not surprised with the very low B12. Just want him to get well ASAP what ever the cost!


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