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Vitamin D deficiency and very high thyroid peroxidase antibody test result


My latest test results:

TSH 1.93

FT4 16.8

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 602 (normal range 0-99IU/ml)

Vit D 32nmol/L (Insufficient if 23-75)

Cholesterol 7.4

Can anyone help me understand why my antibodies result is so high? Also has anyone had any success with Vitamin D supplementation, my doctor has just put me on these for 3 months?

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Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies are high - and therefore positive - but by no means unusually high. A bit like rain.The odd drop isn't rain. But when it is raining, the numbers of drops are astronomic. Even in a light shower. :-)

Many people have successfully supplemented with vitamin D. Me included.

Have you got the reference range for FT4?


Katy2013 in reply to helvella

FT4 is 16.8 range 12.00-22.00pmol/L. I like the analogy to rain, I take it I'm not to worry then?!

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Katy2013

Well, it is usual to take the definitely positive TPOab test result as an indicator of Hashimoto's. That is, an autoimmune attack on the thyroid. Often that will, at least in time, result in you becoming hypothyroid and needing to take thyroid hormone replacement. So not a "nothing - don't worry", more a "you are in good company, unfortunately, but don't worry too much".

Typically this occurs over quite a long time and sometimes never happens. But it would be likely that your thyroid hormone levels will rise and fall over time - with FT4 often slowly dropping, and FT3 rising, or having peaks.

Your FT4 is pretty much middle - which many here would say is probably a bit low. If you had an FT3 test, that might have been towards top of range - but not certain.

I would very much like to know that your iron/ferritin levels are good. And vitamin B12 and folates. We see all of these too often low and they have their own effects and cause people with thyroid disorders to suffer more than otherwise.


Katy2013 in reply to helvella

Sorry, should have said am already on 75mg of Levo, that's why I didn't understand why the antibodies were so high. Also have abnormal Lymphocyte white cell count. My B12 is 239 ng/L, range 160.00-925 00ng?L, iron 13.2, rang 11.00-36.00umol/L, Ferritin 88 ug/L, folate 13.6 ug/L. How did Vitamin D impact on your symptoms, I still have hypo symptoms including bad digestion, unexplained depression, fatigue, frozen all the time etc. I won't get a T3 test until I have completed 3 months of Vitamin D supplementation.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Katy2013

You need that B12 to be higher, much higher.

I simply felt better by taking D. Its description as the sunshine vitamin seems to cover its impact as well as how you make it! Better hair, skin, general well-being.

Sometimes the changes are subtle - certainly day by day nothing obvious changes! But over time, I am sure that is what has made quite a difference. Mind, I am simply hypo - no auto-immune.

Katy2013 in reply to helvella

I'm glad for you, that you felt better. Are you saying that I am auto-immune rather than hypo? Last question...honest! I'll have to look into a B12 supplement, might wait until the Vit D experiment though as my doctor has been pretty good at letting me get my own way re tests so far.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Katy2013

No, not "rather than" - you are hypo because of auto-immune attack on your thyroid. I am hypo for unknown reasons.

Don't let B12 drift. Low B12 can cause irreversible nerve damage. So leaving it could be a bad idea.

Hopefully the D will help you too.

Katy2013 in reply to helvella

Thank you for the info, looks like the health food shop for me tomorrow then.

Coastwalker in reply to helvella

Good advice on b12 there Helvella, did not realise about irreversible nerve damage, thank Q.

I am in the US and I am not sure that the test limits are the same, but my TP AB came back at 2734.3 Is this high?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to banshee1965

Almost certainly it is high (i.e.positive) but ask for your lab's reference range.

Coastwalker in reply to Marz

Waking up in bed this morning, brain's in overdrive - must check the differences between B12 Deficiency and Hypothyroidism ASAP for Hubby.

Thank Q for the shortcut and reading my thoughts Marz, you're not one of those who gets messages from the other side by any chance. ;)

Marz in reply to Coastwalker

...spend my life being spooked ! Think it's all the yoga and the Third Eye ..... M x

Hi my most current thyroid test is :

Free T4 = 10.4 pmol/L Range=9-19

Free T3 = 3.5 pmol/L Range=2.6-6.0

TSH = 6.8 mIU/L Range=0.3-3.5

Thyroid Perioxidase Ab >^1000 IU/mL <6

Thyroglobulin >^1000 IU/mL <4

Last year when the tests were done (in August 2013), the results were :

Free T4 = 15.6 pmol/L Range=9-19

Free T3 = 6.9 pmol/L Range=2.6-6.0

TSH <^0.01 mIU/L Range=0.3-3.5

My healthcare practitioner is concerned about the TPO and Thyroglobulin antibodies and he would like me to get tests done for a leaky gut and organis acid urine test. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum, Healingthyroid.

This is a very old thread and won't be seen by most members. If you could cut and paste your post into a new post you will get more responses. Please also say what thyroid medication you have been taking. Your 2013 TSH and FT3 results look as though you were hyperthyroid but your recent results are hypothyroid.

Your elevated antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Most autoimmune disease is believed to start in the gut which is why your HP has recommended the tests. Gluten free diet can help reduce antibodies and the frequency of Hashi flares but don't adopt this until after your tests as normal gluten consumption is necessary if a coeliac screen is done.

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