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Basic thyroid test results


I’ve recently had a thyroid test done by my GP (I don’t really know too much about all of this) but my results were just for the Serum TSH level, the result was 3.9 mu/L. It states in the results that the ‘normal range’ is between 0.27-4.2 mu/L. This seems pretty high to me, but they seem to think it’s fine.

I’m always tired, sluggish, can’t seem to lose weight despite exercising and eating a calorie controlled diet, my brain is always foggy, I have high cholesterol, depression and ache all the time.

I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I wonder if my issue isn’t this, and is my thyroid!

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hi there

Yes it does show your thyroid is struggling to work but it's hard to tell what might be happening with just a tsh. You would need a full thyroid panel including TSH, FT4, FT3 plus anitbodies if you wanted a clearer picture. Unfortunately, most GPs won't request these tests. They won't diagnose hypothyroidism until the tsh hits 10 but the tsh doesn't catch all problems.

If you have been ill in the past week with flu etc, this can affect your results so you would need to retest if this was the case.

Many thyroid symptoms are similar to nutritional deficiencies and these can prevent your thyroid functioning well - always good to get your B12, Folate, Vit D, and iron/ferritin checked - these are often missed by the docs. If you have these results, post them here as well. These can give you a good indication if you're eating well enough or have issues with your stomach.

Many of these issues can cause symptoms of depression - but most often for a physical reason.

I would definitely stop with the low calorie diet, bodies and thyroids need calories and sustained low calorie diets can cause thyroid problems and adrenal problems plus nutritional deficiency. You just need a well balanced healthy diet of 1750 calories or more, certainly not less than 1500. This can have the opposite effect after a couple of months as your body will slow metabolism in response and weight will plateau and and then likely gain weight later. Maybe increase activity levels instead?

You can pay for your own tests privately if doc won't help and there's one that tests all the above for £79 so let me know if you want further information. You can then post the results here for advice on any problems showing or ideas on where to go next.

I wouldn't worry too much about cholesterol to be honest, especially if eating healthy fats and avoiding the worst. I wouldn't take statins either as can cause more problems and even diabeties as messes with your sugar levels etc. Bodies need cholesterol and it is generally only a problem if eating the bad sources -a slight change in diet would be all that's needed to change this.

You might be interested in a post I posted earlier today actually in regards to fibromyalgia, there's a link to a journal article about how gluten can be the cause. This can also cause tiredness and inflammation everywhere and was what cause my thyroid problems and sleepiness in the first place.

Hope you feel better soon :-)


LisaLou, you are brilliant and correct on all counts. Listen to Saggy. You have a thyroid problem and just have to figure out why. The simple answer may be that gluten is causing your immune system to attack it. Sometimes you need to strengthen your adrenals. Really good nutrition good fats, low carbs with the use of digestive enzymes and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is hugely helpful.


Hello LisaLou,

For many years, I had very similar symptoms with TSH in the Threes (Range in to 4.2). Last spring, I started reading ( ThyroidUK material, Stop the thyroid madness etc. and self medicate since then with NDT with the support of my doctors who believe me and feel so much better! Of course Vits and minerals checked and replenished , too. Fibromyalgia symptoms are not gone completely and I am now about to try a FIR Sauna since I have high Heavy Metal Levels too.

Good luck!


Hi Lisa Lou,

Yes, tsh higher than ideal. Agree with all above and my motto is to start with the simplest first: at the very least a basic thyroid panel of tsh, Ft3 and Ft4. Medichecks ( or blue horizon) online offer a home fingerprint test for this as little as £29 on regular special offer. As far as the FM diagnosis...that makes me boil. It's not a disease but a diagnosis of a particular pattern of symptoms. Many pre hypothyroid diagnosis are diagnosed with this and sent on their way, when, really, a doctor should be looking at early treatment and most certainly checking for other causes. I think someone mentioned the fuller thyroid panel including antibody levels, that would've your best bet to begin with. Post results for others to comment....stacks of knowledge and experience here.

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Thank you so much everyone! I knew I wasn’t going crazy when I was looking into my symptoms with my result in mind! I’ll be going back armed with some knowledge and see what my GP says! It would honestly be a relief if I’m correct on this; I’ve had ‘Fibromyalgia’ for almost 10 years and it’s got considerably worse over the past 12 months, I’m shocked to think this may have been my issue all of this time and they didn’t pick up on it! I’ll post again once I’ve had more tests. It’ll be a few weeks as I’m off to see family for a week and it takes forever and a day to get an appointment! Thanks again 😊


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia before hypothyroidism showed in the lab tests. Good luck with your appointment.


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