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My A&E blood test results

I couldn't stand waiting any longer so I went to A&E this morning, they checked me over and took bloods and said I was ok, thread are the results:

Sodium. 142 ( 133-148)

Potassium 4.4. (3,5-5,0)

Urea. 2,1. (2,1-7,1)

Creatinine 56. (44-80)

Glucose serum. 5,3. (3,0-11,0)

Total bilirubin. 8. (1-17)

Total protein. 72. (64-83)

Albumin. 47. ((35-50)

Globalism. 25. (18-36)

Alkaline phosphatase. 64 (34-104)

Alkaline transminase 10. (0-40)

Aspartame transminase 12. (5-38)

Gamma g.transpeptidase. 15. (5-40)

Free t4. 16.4 (10.3 - 24.5)

TSH. 1.01. (0,4-5,5)

NEC. 12,2. (3,9-11,1)

HB. 14,6. (11,8-14,8)

HCT. 44,1. (36,9-46,0)

MCV. 93,2. (82,0-98,0)

MCH 30,9. (27,3-33,6)

PLT. 336. (140-400)

Neutrophils. 8,9. ((1,7-7,5)

Lymphocytes. 2,4. (1,9-3,2)

Monocytes. 0,8. (0,0-0,8)

Eosinophils. 0,1. (0,0-0,5)

Badophils. 0,0. (0,0-0,1)

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are you hypo? if you are medicated do you feel well? if you are hypo and medicated your fT4 and TSH suggest you may not be as well medicated.

why did you go to A&E? what problems are you having?

sorry if you did say in another post I don't get time to read them all :)

thank you


Hi, they tested kidney and liver function ,both good. If you feel ill, make sure you also have a Free T3 test, it may be low in range,or below range. Best guide for Thyroid disease is to start with TSH ,T4 and Free T3. I cannot see Ferritin, B12 and Folic acid or vit D ,or diabetes, they could all effect how you feel. A lot of people are deficient in these., especially if thyroid.A lot depends how you feel. If not feeling Ok , ,do not give up trying to find the cause.



You went to A&E?


Yeah went to A and E because my heart felt like it was gonna burst out! And the dizziness, I kept panicking, they done an EGG and said my heart was slightly irregular but was nothing to worry about! I am having other blood tests on Wednesday at my GP's


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