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Hi there,

Just got my daughter kinda sorted out with hypo. now have 16 year old grandson with same problem. Just wanted a bit of help with his results please. These are his results.


Free T4 14.2 (9.0--21.0)

TSH 6.33 (0.20--5.00)

Vit D 23 (25--170)

B12 373.5 (190--900.0)

Serum Folate 8.04 (4.60--18.70)

Serum Ferritin 70.7 (28.0--285.0)

08/01/2013 Ref ranges as above

Free T4 15.8

TSH 8.01

Tpo antibodies 17.5 ( 0.0--34.0)

Rosie x

Ps Gp prescribed 50 mcg levo.. he had a bad reaction so his mum put him down to 25mcg.

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It does look as if he has a thyroid gland problem but his Vitam D is very low and needs supplement and so is his B12 low (even though the GP will say his range is normal). Someone else will comment on the other blood tests.

The GP probably wont supplement his B12 but you can buy sublingual B12 lozenges from Amazon

but you must buy methylcobalamin as that is the best. I think the GP should supplement his Vit D - if you have to buy this it should be D3 and not D2.

If he is unable to take levothyroxine (some can be sensitive) he will have to see his GP for alternative. Ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist.

I hope he feels better soon as it is bad enough coping when you are older, never mind young people.


Thank you shaws can always depend on your response, much appreciated

Rosie x


Hi He needs a calcium test and then treatment with vit D, if possible via an endo but certainly with GP, likewise ferritin. Both take quite a while to work. Most importantly he needs a Free T3 test for a full diagnosis. Above all i would say he needs a referral to a suitable, good, endo.

best wishes to you both,



Agree with above you need to get free T3 and reverse T3 tested to be sure - this will give a full picture. The UK is rubbish at measuring all the variables and seem to rely on T4 and TSH.

Agree on B12 and vitamin D - easy to treat. Frankly while ferritin looks as though it's in range 70 is pretty low. Overseas this is often used as lower limit.

With hypo iron, folate, B12 and vit D are classically poorly absorbed from diet. Lack of all or any can make you feel rubbish. In terms of change levo dose 50 to 25 is a massive shift. Really needs to be monitored and checked after dose changes or it can spin hormone systems out of control as they try to rebalance. You need an endocrinologist as this is pediatric and his growth needs for vitamins are different to adults. Not even sure if the ranges for kids are the same.


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