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results.. please help

hi just managed to get copy of my results. Can anyone tell me in simple terms what they mean please.

serum TSH level <0.03mu/L (0.35-5.0) low

will be filed as 0.03 mU/L

serum free T4 level

FREE T4 16.9 pmol /L (9-24)

will be filed as: 4427.00 free T4 level

previous laboratory records indicate that this patient is taking thyroxine, if so suppressed TSH on T4 therapy.

This is exactly as printed on my results.

Please can someone explain them to me. I have been underactive for 15 years and still do not understand them.

kind regards to all

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How do you feel at the moment whilst on levothyroxine?


hi I'm on 150mcg of thyroxine. every time I go the docs they either want me to up it or lower it.

it was 162mcg (cutting a tab in half ) but it got taken back down to 150 which I'm quite happy with. I have never got rid of the weight I gained or the cold feet and hands and thinning hair. if I go lower I feel very tired. I don't sleep well at night often getting about 5 hrs a night. have you any clue what the results are saying?


I think you need to know what your T3 is? The TSH is very low, but maybe you aren't converting the T4 to T3- perhaps someone else could clarify?


Yes that is right. I have immeasurable TSH but Hashi and need T4 and T3 to be OK.Only an endo would eat this and a good one at that.



Hi tabbycat Ihave very similar results as yourself and I am on the same amount of 150 Levo, and have been for 18 years. Been upped and downed between 100 to 150 thats all they ever do. Same symptoms as yourself and don't sleep well, hair thinning etc. Fighting to get T3s done. I am now suppressed and leaning toward hyper. This is a tough deal, and for everyone suffering from this, but I am determined to get it right. Good luck!


Hi Agree most vital you know your FT3 result+ ranges.Some GP`s panic at that TSH, just means below 0.3, but it can be measured ,so depending how you feel ,OK.? I have immeasurable TSH, not good, but nee quite a lot of T4 and T3, script, However, I know my GP would not treat it like that. You need to see a really good endo, of your choice, not the GP`s The best consultants, any, go by how you are with consideration of bloods. Also make sure you have had, Vit D ( if low corrected calcium),B12 + Foliates, diabetes and iron/Ferritin. A lot have similar symptoms to thyroid , autoimmune and hormonal A good endo does this. I hope this helps.Yes,, Shaws, although I have hashimoto ( autoimmune) that was exactly my problem.Of course, only known from the FT3 test.

Best wishes,



doctor has tried getting my t3 tested but the lab sent it back undone "because of the cost " have asked to see an endo but was told there had to be something seriously wrong for them to refer me. can I get any of this done privately, my husband has private insurance. I know that the doc has to refer me if I asked. (privately ) has anyone been down that route. so judging by results are you saying that I am too low in something? still unclear.


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