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Thyroid results - advice please?


Hi all

Can anybody help advise on these results please.

I had my bloods done on 31/12/18 and saw my Endo on 4 Jan. For the past month I’ve been feeling exhausted - worse in mornings and later in evenings.

TSH 1.1 range 0.2-4.5

FT4 15 range 9-21

FT3 3.5 range (don’t have the range - I think higher end of the range was 5 I didn’t write it down but seen it on the Endo screen)

No RT3 haven’t had this done Gp won’t do it

Current doses - 75mcg T4 and 2.5mcg T3 in PM (half a 5mcg pill - I didn’t tolerate large doses of T3)

My Endo has suggested either adding another 2.5mcg T3 in the morning with my t4 morning dose or - upping to 88mcg T4 and keeping the 2.5mcg T3 in the afternoon.

What do you think may be best to try? I want to have some energy again! Iron has been low but I’ve had all vitamins tested and on supplements for B12, iron, vitamin d etc. Have magnesium salt baths and magnesium spray daily.

Thank you ☺️

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It sounds like your Endo is trying. It takes a while for the body to get used to T3. Why not take the Levo at night and the first T3 in the morning then the second T3 in the afternoon.

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That could be a good idea I may try this. Usually after my t4 in the morning I feel a lot better as in awake so if I take this at night will it keep me up? Is T3 better to increase or T4? I am never sure x

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Nobody knows the answer you could try it to find out, good luck.

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