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Do I need my levo dose adjusted?



Here are my most recent medichecks results and I'd like your advice please. I've been on 50mcg of Teva brand (as I'm lactose intolerant) for 6 weeks and prior to that 6 weeks on 25mcg. I follow a gluten, dairy and most recently soya free diet. I supplement Vit C, D, K, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, B's and methylated folate and take 4.5ml LDN (low dose naltrexone). Been feeling a lot better, with better mood and energy but still have brain fog, look like I've got permanent black eyes, and been having facial breakouts. I have the DIO2 gene mutation which suggests T4 to T3 conversion issues, and MTFHR gene mutations which suggests things to be perfectly honest I don't really understand apart from taking methylated folate. I'm 47 and BMI is about 21.

I suspect I will have a fight to increase a levo dose, or to have a conversation about T3. What do you think my options are?


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Forgot to add, this was a fasted result taken at 9am (earliest possible appointment) and I'd stopped my B's for a 5 days prior.


If I were you try and push for a further increase of Levothyroxine so your taking 75mcg, that’s still a small dosage by the way.

For us to feel well it recommended our TSH is 1 or below and T3 and T4 higher figures of the ranges.

Although your TSH is in the 1’s there is room for improvement, that extra may help your T4 results, but, looking at your T3 results they are quite low.

I was in the same situation on Levothyroxine, but, before I thought about adding T3, I did get my TSH to below 1 first, and then had another blood test after 6 weeks.

I’ve just noticed you said you took the gene test, and said you have a conversion issue, did you discuss the results with your GP?

This should help you access T3, although as you may already know from many posts on here, people that where on T3 via the NHS are having to fight to keep on it, and those sourcing it privately overseas are struggling to find a reliable source.

Best Wishes


Thanks for the reply Peanut31.

I took the gene test privately and haven't discussed this fully with my GP for fear of overloading her with too much info (you know how nervous they get with informed patients). I'm keeping that one up my sleeve for now. I am contemplating going to see her with zero make up first thing in the morning so she can see how rough I look and hopefully persuade her that something needs to be tweaked. I am thinking like you mention, to get onto 75mcg, test again in 6 weeks and see where the T3 is sitting (and get the medichecks test that includes rT3 I think?)

I am in Scotland so I have the re-assurance of the recent statement regarding the guaranteed supply of T3 but only if an endo prescribes it (if I've understood that right). The problem there is that the endo I was referred to told me I absolutely had zero problems with my thyroid despite anti-bodies etc etc. I only got onto levo because I paid to see a private endo in Edinburgh who persuaded my GP to start me on levo (best £200 I've spent!). So, I may have the option of going back to the private endo and having the T3 conversation with her, that is of course assuming my local GP won't let me start T3 (if indeed that's what I need).

Are you on levo only or are you on a combo?


You plan of going with no makeup on, and looking like a zombie may work, give it a go.

When I use to go to my GP for an increase I went armed with every piece of information I could find from Dr Toft’s article on what our TSH should be to feel well etc.

I also dropped in that I was now getting support from several thyroid charities as I was desperate to get well.

I also think the biscuits I took and stating how refreshing it was that a GP listened to patients symptoms and not by lab results, helped.

I never needed to show him this information.

Try and get the increase and see how you get on.

I’m now self medicating on NDT.

Best Wishes


Hi reallyfedup123, do you think add T3 now, not wait another 6 weeks with an increased levo dose? What would the starter dose of T3 be?

Just an aside - you may have just missed out typing it but are you also taking vit E?

It works in conjunction with selenium and is in particular good for skin and nails and hair and under eye circles

Might help with the symptoms you mention.

Regarding dose- it would certainly be ok to you your t4 dose and restest as youre not quite at full capacity but you will probably need T3 if you have a confirmed conversion issue.

Given your on lots of supplements that may not have had time to kick in fully especially LDN you may want to persevere longer with t4 to see what happens.

At the very least you can get that easily from GP and have covered all bases before trying T3. May add weight to your argument?

I'm in a similar position and think I need to take a closer look at T3 now as I'm overmedicated on t4 but still low t3

Hashi-hacker in reply to Saya85

Thanks for the reply and reminding me about vitamin E. I don't have it tested (the cheapest on medichecks is £279!!), so I think (hope) I'm probably ok with the diet I have, as I eat loads of the sources regularly. Chris Kresser is one of my go to's for nutritional info, and he isn't keen on supplementing this, and prefers to get it from diet. I think better sleep quality would go a long way to helping with the dark circles.

I've been on these supplements for about 2 years and LDN for about 20 months so I think they're well established in my system. I started taking them when I self diagnosed as having Hashi's and they have all definitely helped me along the road, and during that time I did work with a USA based nutritionist who helped me sort out adrenal fatigue and SIBO. Expensive but worth it I think.

Thanks reallyfedup123 for the info on the T3 starter dose. I think I will broach the T3 subject with my GP and see where we get lol! She tried to put me on a testosterone hormone replacement Tibolene which I politely refused and asked for levo instead.

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