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Help with results and restarting meds

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I posted a couple of days ago and had lots of lovely replies from people on here. I’ve now got some blood test results from 2 weeks ago. Re thyroid they are as expected because i’d Stopped taking T4, T3 and oestrogen gels about 3 weeks before these were taken. I have restarted my Levo today at 50ug. Previously I was taking 75ug Levo plus 20ug T3 and had an HRT patch. I switched to oestradiol gels and after a short time I started becoming very jittery. My endo suggested pushing my Levo up to 100 ( which I didn’t do) and not long afterwards I was feeling so unwell I stopped everything to allow all of the drugs to clear out of my system.

Most of the results are normal.

These are the abnormal ones from 2 weeks ago.

Free T3 3 range 3.1 to 6.8 pmol/L

TSH 34.5 range 0.27 to 4.20mU/L

Free T4 7.8 (10.8to 25.5) back in August it was 12.8)

Creatinine 86 range 44-80 umol/L

eGFR 59 >60 ml/min/1.73m2

( that is labelled critically abnormal)

This does look as though my kidney function is being affected. The tests were at about 10 am and i’d had nothing to eat or drink. I’ve restarted at just 50ug Levo today but in light of these results should I push it up quickly — or take a little T3 as well to help my kidneys get going properly again ?

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Not looked at previous posts to see what you are trying to achieve but about your GFR. I don't know much about kidneys either but I do know that GFR stands for Glomerular Fitration Rate and the ideal reading is 90+. Your kidneys are there to filter what is passing about your body and keeping it clean but to help it to do its job properly you need to be taking in enough fluids for it to do its job properly. So putting it simply you need to drink more water! That doesn't mean though you need to swallow the contents of a 2 litre of water in record time as that would be irresponsible as well but spread to out through out the day. So simply your kidneys are filtering the fluid we front and excrete the nasties and then needs more fluid to keep things working as they should and keep your kidneys working well so this happens. So if you have results showing a low GFR you are low on fluids and the other thing that tells you this is dark coloured urine. Ok it's darker when you wake up in the morning as you haven't done anything to dilute it when you are asleep but during the day when you are drinking fluids it should be a pale yellow. So keep an eye on your fluid levels and that hopefully should improve.

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AliF in reply to silverfox7

Thanks Silver Fox. I think the fact it was 10.20 am and I’d had nothing to eat or drink that morning may have been a contributing factor.

I was concerned that because I’d stopped taking all of my tablets for 6 weeks because I felt so dreadful that I had impaired kidney function but actually I think it may just be no water for 12 hours. I’ve re- started my tablets now, 50 ug Levo and 5ug T3. I’ll build up again slowly and see what happens. I also have to add back in HRT at some point.

Levothyroxine isn't a drug. It's a synthetic hormone.


" . (that is labelled as critically abnormal ) . . "

Have you spoken to your doctor about your kidney results yet.

Have you posted on Kidney forum?

Make sure you keep well hydrated and contact GP urgently.

Rheumatologist said “start taking your tablets again now” and I have.

Haven’t posted on kidney forum.

Didn’t know there was one.

Haven’t spoken to my GP

Am keeping well hydrated.

But all noted.

What did GP say about kidney result comment - "critically . . . ."

The tests were done by my rheumatologist not by my GP. She didn’t make any specific comment on that. Just passed a message to me via her secretary to say to restart all my meds. I’ve restarted T4 and T3 — not the HRT yet though. And I am trying to drink plenty of fluids. The eGFR figure is an estimate based on the creatinine level which is just outside the range - and as I say the test was done at 10.20

am and I had had nothing to eat or drink since I went to bed the night before - in case they wanted to test for diabetes.

The comment is :

' Critically abnormal.'

If this were my result I would definitely speak to GP asap.

Ok thanks Mary I. Appreciate your reply and concern.

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