Help with test results Please

These are my results. My doctor said my thyroid is extremely high. Please can anyone tell this from these results? I feel absolutely horrible and can barely move. I had RAI in 2008. He also did my RT3 but results are not back yet. Thank you so much!

Test Name In Range Out Of Range Reference Range Lab

TSH <0.01 L mIU/L IG

Reference Range

> or = 20 Years 0.40-4.50

Pregnancy Ranges

First trimester 0.26-2.66

Second trimester 0.55-2.73

Third trimester 0.43-2.91

T4, FREE 0.6 L 0.8-1.8 ng/dL IG

T3, FREE >20.0 H 2.3-4.2 pg/mL IG

T3, TOTAL >800 H 76-181 ng/dL IG

Verified by repeat analysis.

FERRITIN 439 H 10-232 ng/mL IG

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  • Going with these results I think that you are hyper thyroid. What is he doing about it. He should be sending you to an endocrinologist for treatment. How long since you had your baby? Is the doctor leaving things to see if your bloods go back to normal themselves.

    Jo xx

  • The OP can't be hyper, she hasn't got a thyroid - RAI in 2008. :)

    Celeste, what are you taking, and how much? Are you on T3 only? Because it's very strange that your FT3 is so high, and your FT4 is below range, TSH suppressed, these are the results of someone on T3 only, but too much T3. Have you tried reducing your dose?

  • I was on T3 only up until I saw the doctor and was really monitoring my dosage well. I went to him to get back on what I was taking when I was feeling really well which was 100T4/25T3. I lost my insurance so had to self help for a year. Doctor told me to stop all thyroid meds for 5 days. Thanks for your reply.

  • I have no idea why they do that! Especially when you don't even have a gland! What do they expect to happen? It's just insane.

    So, you were taking T3 only when those labs were done? That figures. But, you were taking a bit too much. :)

    I hope that when you see the endo again, he will get you started on a sensible dose. The dose that makes you well.

  • So would just taking my T4 instead help? I'm afraid of how I will start to feel with no meds in 5 days. With RAI does T4 still covert?

  • I don't understand. Would it help what? If idiot endo said to stay off your thyroid hormone replacement for 5 days, then that includes T4. It all depends on whether or not you decide to humour his whims.

    Having RAI shouldn't affect your ability to convert. However, some people just don't convert very well. It's individual. To know whether or not you convert will, you would have to be on T4 only for six weeks, and then have your FT4 and FT3 tested at the same time, to compare them. There's no other way of knowing.

    When I was ill a few years ago, and - frankly - completely off my head! - I came off my T3 only for 6 months. I don't know how I felt, because I was ill, anyway, but I didn't die. So, 5 days shouldn't make you too bad. But there's no way of knowing in advance, how you will feel. It's up to you, he can't order you to come off it for 5 days - especially not without any explanation as to why you should! You still have free will.

  • Thanks, for that info. I did not know that. When I was on T4 only after my RAI, for a year I felt horrible until they added the T3. I will just have to give it time. So sick of being sick all the time as you must know.

  • Liquid T3 is extremely difficult to measure. Get it in pill form. The batches are very reliable, just almost impossible to measure exact dosage each and every time. I do not recommend it.

    The liquid T3 is made for testing purposes. It is very tempting to use it for our hypothyroid needs, but it really is not suitable for medication that needs to be closely monitored.

    This could easily be why your T3 is so high. You could be getting much more T3 than your original intent.

  • That was supposed to say NOT monitoring my dosage. Also, I was ordering a liquid online not RX so you never know if every batch is the same.

  • I should imagine they were all the same. I should imagine there was quality control in the place where it was manufactured. It would be very irresponsible for a company to make a product like that that varied in strength. It wouldn't do their reputation any good, and sales would drop. I can't imagine they would do that.

  • Apologies. My post about using liquid T3 is above. Oops!

  • No, I was using liquid T3 for 9 mos but I had no other choice. I had very little money and no insurance. I'm in the US. I had been ordering prescription T3 from 4-5 different countries but i never felt good on them but the T3 worked really well until this last time, it was a totally different batch, maybe stronger? so I decided to pay cash and go see a proper doctor. So hopefully he can get me straitened out. I just saw him on Monday, still waiting on RT3 results. Thanks.

  • I I just got results yesterday so he will consult with me. I've never had a baby, so not sure how/what those test he did. No, he did tell me to stop taking my T4/T3 for 5 days. So maybe we will retest then. Thanks for your reply.

  • Did you have the earliest possible blood test and fasting one. Did you leave 24 hours gap between your last dose of T3 and the test? If you didn't your blood tests will have been skewed somewhat.

    What dose of T3 do you take?

  • I did all of that. Thank you for replying.

  • Your iron is also excessive. If you're supplementing you will want to stop until it returns to normal and if you're not supplementing your gp needs to find out why your levels are so high.

  • Yes, the doctor mentioned that. He is going to see what the problem is there because I am not supplementing and I'm a vegetarian. I do have the MTHFR gene so maybe, something there according to STTM. Thanks for your reply.

  • Good luck, I hope you feel better soon. :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Do you know if I can still convert T4 if I do not have a thyroid (RAI) ?

  • yes , in theory, you can convert with no thyroid gland BUT as has already been said, some people do not convert well with or without the gland. Please listen to the people who have commented as they do onow what they are saying, and what they are saying is you have taken a little bit too much t3 so reduce the dosage a little :-)

  • Thank you so muck :)

  • It is not uncommon for pregnancy to bring about high levels of T3. Since you are taking T3 and are pregnant, I believe your docxtor is correct in having you temporarily stop taking T3. Most times the high T3 onset during pregnancy, is a temporary condition..

    A few days without it might just do the trick. There is much more T3 in your body than you might imagine, and it all does not dissipate as quickly as many think. It is what is in the cells that counts.

    I am sure your physicians will monitor it closely.

  • I am not pregnant and have never been. I do not know what that test he ran is for. Maybe to see if I am in menopause?

  • Goodness I hope not, I'm 53. LOL

  • You are apparently on WAY too much T3. You need to tail your dose down, pronto.

  • Yes, I have stopped for 5 days per the doctors request. Thanks.

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