Help with meds please

Sorry, my test results didn't seem to upload. Here they are:

CRP = 3 - Range: < 5 mg/L

Ferritin = 118.5 - Range: 20 - 150 ug/L

TSH = 0.005 - Range: 0.27 - 4.20

T4 Total = 135.2 - Range: 64.5 - 142.0

Free T4 = 17.84 - Range: 12-22

Free T3 = 5.99 - Range: 3.1 - 6.8

Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs = 199.7 - Range < 35

Anti-thyroglobulin abs = 386.7 - Range < 115

Vit B12 = 326 - Range: 250 - 750

Serum Folate = 16. 84 - Range: 10.4 to 42.4

Hope these help someone to see what I should do next.

Thank you.

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  • Assuming you *didn't* take your 1.5 grains of NDT before the test?

    If you did, these results may give a misleading impression.

    If you didn't, then at the moment you're on an optimal amount of NDT for you. Your B12 could do with being a lot higher. Did you have Vit D tested?

  • Hi Jazzw, Thanks for your response. No I didn't take any NDT for more than 38 hours before blood test, as I read on here that it would skew the results. I didn't have my Vit D tested, but I am on a fortnightly supplement prescribed by Endo because of concerns with low TSH and my insistence on staying on 100mcgs of levo against his request to reduce to 75mcgs. He couldn't give me any evidence that low TSH causes bone problems and atrial fibrillation/arrhythmias, so had to concede that I could stay on higher dose of levo. Was having problems with eyes on levo so decided to try NDT, feel much better on it, most of the eye problems have gone away. I'm going to try 1.5 grains and 2 grains on alternate days to see if that helps with tiredness. Have had 2 grains today and feel great.

  • These are too high, have you been back to the doctor? Better still, are you under the care of a specialist?

    Anti-thyroidperoxidase abs = 199.7 - Range < 35

    Anti-thyroglobulin abs = 386.7 - Range < 115

  • Yes, under doctor and Endo. They don't check at these anymore as they say they're irrelevant as I'm being treated. I've never been told by anyone that I have Hashimoto's disease, although it's obvious that I have.

  • No, they are not irrelevant. Hashi's causes its own set of symptoms. Have you been tested for enteropathy/leaky gut? Have you been tested for common food sensitivities, like gluten and dairy? Docs who do not attempt to find a cause for Hashi's, are just lazy.

  • It would be interesting to see what he would say, if you asked for referral to an environmental medicine specialist.

  • Ha! I doubt he would say anything! I think he would say something like 'was there anything else?'

  • I've been tested for coelac but was told I was fine. No copy results though. Had MRI scan as they thought there might be a problem with pituitary but it was fine. I haven't been tested for anything else. When I told my doctor I was underactive, she shouted at me and said NO YOU'RE NOT! Would like her to experience these symptoms!! Got to book a blood test with nurse, pointless as they only test for TSH. They get paid more by NHS for monitoring me - ridiculous as they're not doing anything to find the cause!!! Told endo that I was worried that I was at risk for other auto-immune diseases and he told me I was wrong and that his surgery would be full of people with rheumatoid arthritis if that we the case. His registrar said I was! Who do you believe? No one can tell me why I've got Hashi's - they're not interested. They think they're treating me.

    I despair.

  • The standard of care for celiac has changed since I was tested. At the time I was tested, GAb (gliadin antibody) and TTG (Tissue Transglutaminase) were the standard tests. I also used fecal testing to confirm that I had enteropathy (undigested fats in the stool are indicative of that). I think you should do some research to see what the state of the art is in gluten sensitivity testing, then ask your doc to confirm that you are not celiac by repeating those tests. And tell them you must have the test results on paper - you could tell them it is for consultation with a private doctor.

    There is no question you are at risk for other autoimmune disorders, once you have one autoimmune disorder. I'm quite sure Mary Shomon and/or Dana Trentini have investigated that.

    There are many foods, agricultural chemicals, and industrial chemicals which are implicated as sources of autoimmune disorders. For instance, artificial sweeteners. What you need is access to an environmental health specialist to figure this out, but it sounds as though your doc will be uncooperative.

  • Thanks Eddie83,

    I know that when I eat bread or cereals I struggle a bit with bloating, although I don't have IBS. I do best on a low carb diet, so that may have skewed my results as I do tend to stay away from anything with wheat in it. You're right, no way my doctor or Endo are going to help me, they're very firmly on the TSH is the standard test for thyroid problems so I will have to continue to research and treat myself. It's good to know that there are others in the same boat who are so knowledgable and supportive. It really helps me to push on to feel really well again.

  • You might want to investigate the book by Isabella Wentz that she talks about on It is supposed to help patients find the triggers for Hashimoto's.

  • Thank you Eddie83 I'll

    have a look at that.

  • B12 was 916 in January 2014 - that's the last time it was tested - it's reduced by 2/3rds. I'm not on any B vitamin supplements. Any suggestions as to what I should take please?

  • Methylcobalamin which you can get from Amazon.

    Have you had your vitamin D tested in the last year? If not ask and if they refuse to do it, or ask for loads of money then get it done via City Assays.

  • No Bluebug I haven't had Vit D tested but I'm taking prescribed Vit D as a preventative for osteopenia.

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