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Multi vits


Cooooey Hi all it’s me again ha. Just wondering as a lot on here say steer clear of multi vits. But iv been taking berrocca. Do use think they’re ok? They contain

Vitamin B1 104mg

Vitamin B2 13.6mg

Niacin 45.3 mg NE

Vitamin B6 7.1 mg

Folic acid 366 ug

Vitamin B12 8.6 ug

Biotin 130 ug

Pantothenic acid 22.7mg

Vitamin C 476mg

Magnesium 95mg

Zinc 9mg

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Personally, I wouldn't touch Berocca.

Do they list the actual form of ingredients, eg

B12 - does it say methylcobalamin, or cyanocobalamin? If not then it will contain cyanocobalamin as it is cheap and the wrong form.

Folic Acid - if it's folic acid rather than methylfolate, again it's cheap and the wrong form.

If you want B vitamins, get a decent quality one with proper bioavailable ingredients such as Thorne Basic B or Igennus Super B.

If you want Vit C there are plenty of different types available, best is a wholefood Vit C but there is also ascorbic acid or other ascorbates such as sodium ascorbate, etc, for those who can't tolerate ascorbic acid.

And I bet it contains lots of unpronouncable, unnecessary extra ingredients for colouring, sweeteners, etc, and who knows how nasty they can be.

Thanks susie. I do worry about the additives and bulking agents in it myself. I eat a good healthy diet, esp so since my TT. So maybe I don’t need supplements. I just take them as a precautionary measure.

Look at the quantities! 8.6 mcg B12? It's really not worth taking. 95 mg magnesium? 300 is the recommended daily dose for women. It's daylight robbery! They are making a fortune on people's ignorance.

But I eat a good diet too. Oily fish twice a week, plus eggs. I have a tin of sardines every other day, as well as mackerel and salmon. I eat 2 Brazil nuts per day. And have a piece of dark chocolate a nite. I love my fruit and veg, and potatoes but steer clear of brread and pasta and dairy, I have almond milk with alpen or porridge for breakfast And meat about once a week. So I just take a supplement just to try make sure I’m optimal. What separate vits would u suggest I take then? Or none dyu think? I do value your knowledge and opinion greygoose

Doesn't matter how good your diet is if you can't absorb the nutrients. Hypos usually have low stomach acid, which makes digesting and absorbing nutrients difficult. So, we usually recommend testing vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin, and basing a supplement regime around the results. You're just throwing your money down the drain with that stuff. It won't do anything for you.

I don’t think I’m hypo. I’m not overweight. My bloods always say I’m over medicated. My last vits test all came back ok they said. They tested vitd ferritin, b12, and others. They say i convert well. The main symptoms I have are anxiety and get tired a lot.

Can't comment on whether you're hypo or not without a lot more detail. Do you have the actual numbers? Or are you just going by your doctors opinion?

But, hypo or not, Berrocca is a waste of money. These people are getting rich on the gullibility of the Worried-Well, who just want to feel they're doing something to stay well. But, they're not.

in reply to greygoose

Just had a look at some of your past posts. And, you do not convert well! Absolutely not.

You don't have to be over-weight to be hypo. Some hypos even lose weight. There are over 300 hypo symptoms. You don't have to have them all to qualify. And, if you weren't hypo, I'm sure the doctors would never have put you on thyroid hormone replacement in the first place.

As for being over-medicated, you are taking too much levo, as SeasideSusie said in one of your other posts. But your FT3 is too low - because you don't convert very well - and it's low T3 that makes you hypo. :)

Ok grey goose thanks I’ll lay of the berroca 😊

Shall I cut my levo down then, but they won’t give me T3 what can I say to them??

I don't know what you can say to them. Most people end up buying their own T3.

Ok I need a reliable source where I can buy it from please

If you post a new question, asking just that, people will PM you their trusted sources.

Might try chilling your potatoes, or rice, because for some reason, chilling those starches causes the fiber to convert into “resistant starch”, which helps decrease how it changes into sugar in the body...more diabetic friendly, as it doesn’t elevate insulin response as much.

What yo list is one of those “better than nothing” supplements. That is, it has a few things, but, those might not be the best form [so are wasted by body], or, not enough, and, not enough various vitamins and minerals. But, better than nothing.

I’ve been using Garden of Life 50 and Wiser women’s Multivit for some years, and feel it’s helping nicely.

But, for cost-cutting, have used bulk-nutritional yeast [it’s not the kind that causes yeast]. And it easily disappears into foods, making them taste a bit richer/kinda of umami-ish flavor, to us here. Sprinkle it into food after cooking before serving, or, into cold foods. Couple that with Kelp snacks, to get all the minerals you need, and many vitamins.

I do better when using MVI’s or nutritional yeast, than without...clearer thinking, bit better energy.

Now...that one you described, has manmade Folate, instead of the more bio-available Folate. And, it lacks copper to balance the zinc...if one gets too much of one without the other, it causes more deficiency of the one it lacks.

What FORM vitamins are in, matters, well as how much of each is in the MVI.

What about trace minerals? Magnesium? Are you getting plenty of dark green leafy veggies daily [several servings]?

Also, might want to beware of MVI’s that list the nutrients as “%". Those tell you virtually nothing, and often those lack even the small amounts listed on label. Each nutrient needs listed in it’s measurement, Ug., i.u., etc. to be meaningful at all for figuring how much one is getting.

Just received my latest vits results. Says vit d was normal at 83. Ferritin level is normal at 143. B12 level was high at 973. This usually indicates patients being on Vitamjn B12. Folate was also high at >20.

This was taking all the above as mentioned. Only now I take every other day + a selenium + zinc daily that contains vitamin A . Vitamin B. Vit c and vit b6. Plus the selenium + zinc

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