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Help With Numbers after switching to thyroid S


Hi, I am new here, but have been reading post on here for a while. Switching to Thyroid S. need advice

I have had an underactive thyroid for about three years, was put on synthroid and took it for 3 years and felt really bad all the time.I was on 50mil. I got thyroid S and have been on it for 2 months, up to 3/4 grain, now I do feel a lot better, I done this on my own. But have found a nurse practitioner whom, will work with me, She told me she doesn't know anything about thyroid. She ran some blood work and wanted to get some advice on the numbers

vit B12 591 [200-1100]

vit D 43ng 30-100]

Ferritin 14ng 20-288

Folate serum 18.6ng no standerd range

TSH 5.72 0.40-4.50

t4 free 0.8 0.8-1.8

T3 free 2.3 2.3-4.2

Thank you Gin5420


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I am no expert, but I would say you are underdosed. Just concentrate on the T3 result when taking NDT. Your Vit D and Ferritin are really low too, so get those up and it will help with the NDT. I tend to go by how I am feeling rather than the blood ranges as we are all diffferent. Lots of advice on here about getting your Vits right, so have a browse and talk to your nurse practitioner about the vits. Good luck.

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Thank you, that is what I was thinking but wanted to make sure. The nurse practitioner gave the name of some stuff for the Ferritin just haven't gotten it yet. Been taking Vit D maybe taking twice a day. Thanks so much. I have gained so much knowledge here.


You are really undermedicated.

3/4 of a grain is nothing- circa 56 mcg of thyroxine- tiny dose.

Use a thermometer ( basal) and increase in quarters every two weeks.

You need to aim for 36.50 temp under the arm. You do 4 a day and 8 for the first four days you increase a dose.

You add up the , say, 4 and divide by 4 to give you the daily average.

If any one reading is .3 different to the average then the adrenals aren’t working fully.

Given you have some way to go- it will save you more money on blood tests for the thyroid alone. Assuming you’ve been tested for hashimotos.

In order if importance is


Vitamins and absorbtion ( any stomach issues) ferretin and Vit D3 need attention. Remember to take k2 mk7 with d3 . Swanson do a fab capsule with organic coconut oil.) as you need fat with it) Id say you need to double that level. It took me 5 years to get mine in range. You need at least 3000ui p day to start with.

As ferretin is below range you need some iron tables- your gp should help you there( she says !!)

Then thyroid and adrenals.

If you need a chart just ask I can send a link.

Once you increase the meds you should feel better but the basics must be in place first.

Good luck

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