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More results...


My GP has done a plethora of blood tests for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ("it seems as though it's more than your thyroid2 !!) When I phoned for my results the receptionist/computer said nothing was wrong. I now have a print out and see a coulple of 'below limits' noted. I am hoping one of you lovely folk could give me your thoughts.

I increased my levo about 2 weeks ago (from 75/100mcg alt days to 100mcg daily), and wasn't expecting them to be tested again so soon. (I still feel very fatigued) I am on prescribed iron (poor ferritin around 48) and self supplementing with Vits D, K, C folate plus magnesium. was told to stop B12 as in upper range previous test.

Test was taken early morning and fasting. I was a little dehydrated as it became difficult to get enough blood.

Serum TSH 0.52 mu/L (0.35-3.5)

Serum free T4 12pmol/L (8.0- 21.00)

Serum free triiodothyronine 3.4pmol/L (3.8-6.0) below reference range limit

Red Blood Cell Count 5.8 10*12/L (3.8 -4.8) above high reference limit.

also flagged as below range was Mean Cell Volume 81 fL (83 -101)

I don't really understand Mean Cell Volume... can understand RBC being raised as was dehydrated.

With many thanks

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The fact your FT3 is BELOW range strongly suggests you are still under medicated, your FT4 is also low in range

However it is only 2 weeks since your dose increase. You may need to hang on and retest in 4-6 weeks, before considering further increase

It certainly demonstrates you needed this increase.

SeasideSusie may understand the red cell results

What about vitamin D, and folate?

Both these were low a month ago.

Are you supplementing vitamin D? If so how much.

And are you supplementing a good quality daily vitamin B complex, one with folate in.?

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results

I am taking BetterYou D3 sublingual 3000 IU and K2 180ug plus tablets 400mg methyl folate; , vitC 1g with iron in form of sodium federate liquid 10ml once or twice a day. All at least 6 hours after levo.

I haven’t had further testing on vit levels.

I’m thinking of ignoring advice to not take B12 and restart a good B complex as think I felt fractionally perkier on them.

I will hang on for next test at end of June.. think I’d be told to wait if I asked.

NHS is actually letting me have T4 & T3 tested!!! then have to see different GP as mine is now in maternity leave. I’ll make sure I’m equipped with a written list as it really helped last time.

I really appreciate your wisdom and confirming what my body tells me - I’m under medicated.

If you needed B12 you should still take it and forget the advice to stop as it's in range. You may still need lots, it's never a problem as it's sent out in your urine being water soluble. Some folk need lots and there is great advice on sister site on here. Pernicious Anaemia Society.

Thanks Marymary7. I had wondered about posting in the PA group. I guess they will have advice on improving my ferritin even though B12 was close to top of range.

I was thinking of taking something with B12.

Yes, if you have taken anything with b12 in such as a B complex then the test is skewed for b12 which doctors don't seem to realise.

I definitely feel better for taking advice on here about optimal vits and minerals, it's worth paying for quality too.

Good luck.

Thanks ☺️

Only a charlatan would diagnose you with CFS with a freeT3 like that! You will probably need a few dose increases over time to get it to the top of the range.

I've had my Red Blood Cell count come back high several times when hypo, and got a referral to a haematologist. In the end he discharged me because mine didn't reach his threshold for treatment. He did also say what you've just said about dehydration. The first line of treatment is to drink at least 3 litres of water per day.

My number may have been a bit lower than yours, though.

It’s a slow journey, but so glad to have all you lovely folk to guide me 😊

Now for the push for an increase at next gp visit, they get scared of the TSH and have trouble seeing beyond it.

It seems my T3 has dropped from my private test in April. Am delighted that nhs agreed without fuss to do T4 & T3 at end of month. Have also asked for ferritin as struggle to get to 50.... liver for tea tonight 😇

Had 3 tubes taken, first flowed well then managed to leak enough to fill the cap of the next 2. Will be drinking lots more before next test, including overnight if I wake.

Here are the worst results I ever had with Haemogloblin and Red Cell Count:

HB 159 g/L(118 - 148)

RBC 5.31 x 10^12/L (3.88 - 4.99)

It was actually a bit less the day I had it done in haematology. But I know the haematologist had a number in mind that he needed me to cross, and it was slightly higher than mine.

I drink loads of water, so I'd had well over 3 litres on this day.

Yours is quite a bit higher, so I'd definitely push for a referral!

Nothing wrong for a very strange definition of "nothing". Your free T4 is too low in range, your free T3 is under range. Small red blood cells (Low MCV) = microcytic anemia ie iron deficiency (and the high RBC could be because of low oxygen caused by the anaemia). Don't let them fob you off with a CFS diagnosis - you can't have CFS if you have something else (it's a diagnosis of elimination) and you have low thyroid and iron deficiency anaemia - they want you to have CFS as it can't be cured so they don't have to try or take you seriously ever again.

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