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Recent Lab results

Hi, last month I up loaded my lab results and was now looking for advice on my second round of labs. First results of TPO was 1006 (>60) back in February

21 March

Free T4 12 (9.0 - 25.0)

TSH 6.1 (0.3 - 5.0)

15 May

TSH 3.8 (0.3 -- 5.0)

B12 417 (220.0 - 700.0) this has increased since feb

Ferritin 146 (10.0 - 420.0) this has reduced since feb

Vit D 80 (>50)

The Doctor did not order Free T4 again nor did he test TPO.

I am making an appointment to see the Doctor again as I still have many symptoms, aching all over, fatigue, hot sweats (different to Menopause), headaches, dry eyes. Could someone please advise what to say to him. Should I ask for a T3 test? HELP!

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No point in getting an FT3 test until your TSH is down to 1. It's going to be low, anyway. Your doctor won't understand an FT3 result even if he does test it.

Are you on any thyroid hormone replacement to bring your TSH down? It's still too high, though.

As for the antibodies, no point in retesting them. You have Hashi's, they aren't going to go away.


Yes on 50 levo. Do you think it vit12 deficiency the reason I feel so ill.


Your B12 isn't that low, now. Not really likely it will still be causing symptoms. The reason you feel ill is low T3.


Should he be increasing my LEVO?


Yes, he certainly should.

The aim of taking levo is to bring your TSH down to 1 or under, and your Frees to a level where your symptoms are gone, and you feel well.


Thank you so much for your time Greygoose


You're welcome. :)


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