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Looking for help with results


Hi. I'm looking for advice please on my blood test results. The TSH and FT4 are within range although the FT4 has been high normal and the TSH variable.

I have lots of symptoms including a tremor, twitching, swelling of my hand, rash, insomnia. high heart rate, tachycardia, weight loss. Do you think my results would cause this?

05 Mar:

Free T4 17.7 (10.5 - 25.5)

TSH 2.24 (0.27 - 4.2)

Thyroid stimulating receptor antibodies 0.62 (0 - 0.41)

25 Feb:

Free T4 17.2 (9 - 19.00)

TSH 3.28 (0.3 - 5.00)

Thyroglobulin antibody less than 10 (0 - 115.00)

Thyroid peroxidase antibody 2 (0 - 6.00)

Thyroid peroxidase less than 10 (

14 Feb:

Free T4 15.6 (9-19.00)

TSH 1.68 (0.3 - 5.00)

Ferritin 34 (9.00 - 120)

Active b12 30.7 (35 - 1000)



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Looking at your blood test results I would look to your B12. It looks very low and could be causing many of your symtpoms. I would go across to the Pernicious Anemia site on healthunlock for advice on your B12 and what to do.

sgreening in reply to waveylines

Thank you. I'll look at the Pernicious Anaemia site.

Pernicious anaemia site indeed for advice, with that VERY low b12 and ferritin I would say you need to get tested asap for pernicious anaemia

sgreening in reply to fibrolinda

Thanks I'll look there.

I take it you don't have any sort of diagnosis, and are not on any sort of thyroid hormone replacement, right?

In your last post, you were looking for a Grave's specialist. Do you think you might have Grave's? These results do not suggest it.

What time of day were these tests done? And were any of them fasting?

A TSH of over 3 is hypo - although in the UK, they like you to suffer until it reaches 10. Your symptoms could be hypo symptoms, and a TSH of over 3 would support that. But, they could also be hyper (which isn't the case). And some could even be due to your low B12 and ferritin. I would say that both of those need supplementing.

sgreening in reply to greygoose

Hi Many thanks for your reply. I was wondering whether it was Graves because I'd read raised Thyroid stimulating receptor antibodies are indicative of Graves and that symptoms can occur at any level.

The tests on the 14th were done at lunch time, the ones on the 25th in the evening and the ones on the 5th in the afternoon. None were fasting.

By they could also be hyper (which isn't the case) do you mean the TSH would need to be depressed?

greygoose in reply to sgreening

OK, so, if you'd had the tests at 8 am and fasting, the TSH would be much higher, and would more than likely show hypo.

I meant the symptoms could be hyper, so I understood why you thought you might have Graves, But, yes, if it were Grave's, the TSH would be suppressed, and the Frees well over-range.

sgreening in reply to greygoose

Thanks So if I've understood correctly despite my raised Thyroid stimulating receptor antibodies I cant have Graves?

Are the tests best done after fasting?

greygoose in reply to sgreening

I wouldn't have thought so, not with those other results. And they're not very much over-range.

The TSH is best done fasting, because eating causes TSH to drop. It doesn't affect other thyroid tests.

sgreening in reply to greygoose

Thank you

greygoose in reply to sgreening

You're welcome. :)


Your B12 is extremely low. You need folate tested as well

Any active test under 70 is considered low and needs further investigation


Ferritin is also low. Ask for full iron panel to test for Anaemia

Ask for vitamin D to be tested too

Thyroid hormones follow proven circadian rhythms so to compare test results properly they need to be taken under the same conditions each time. We normally recommend the earliest appt of the day, by 9 am at the latest with an overnight fast and only water to drink until after the test (once on levo, dont take til after the test). This will give comparable results and also give the highest TSH which can be the difference between diagnosis/dose raise or not. This is a patient to patient tip, GPs say it makes no difference but they are wrong as they are simply not taught it. When FT4 drops TSH should rise and vice versa but on your last result, the evening one, they had both dropped which just proves our point.

Some test machines use a biotin assay so if you take anything that contains biotin (b6) stop it for a few days before testing to avoid skewing your results.

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