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Test Results more help needed

Apologies for the length of the post

I went to see an NHS Endo after referral from my GP in the middle of June with the following results and 'diagnosed' with Sleep Apnoea. I have a follow up appointment next year.

Please note I am on NO medication, drugs or supplements at all..

20/3/2015 - Blue Horizon test

TSH - 1.280 (0.270 - 4.20)

Free T4 - 11.95 (12 - 22)

Free T3 - 3.9 ( 3.1 - 6.8)

18/06/2014 - NSH test

TSH - 1.41 (0.34 - 5.60)

Free T4 - 8.9 (7.8 - 17.0)

No T3 tested

21/02/2013 - NSH Test

TSH - 1.64 (0.34 - 5.60)

Free T4 - 10.2 (7.8 - 17.0)

No T3 tested

However I was not happy with her diagnosis, she did the obligatory TSH and T4 test again but I don't have access to those results so have once again arranged to bloods done privately. This time a comprehensive blood screen.

Here are the results

TSH - 1.69 (0.27-4.2)

Free T4 - 12.03 (12 - 22)

Free T3 - 4.2 (3.1 - 6.8)

TPO - Negative

Cholesterol - 6.5 (0.1 - 5.2)

Triglycerides - 2.39 (0.3 - 2.1)

Cholesterol/HDL ratio - 7.2

Iron - 20.0 (6.0 - 34.5)

Total Iron Binding Capacity - 52.0 (45 - 70)

Transferrin Saturation - 38.5% (15 - 45)

Haemoglobin A1c - 45 (IFFC for non diabetics 20 - 42)

Vit D 47.3 nmol/L (25 - 75 nmol/L: Borderline ranging to insufficiency)

CRP - 4.9 (0.0 - 5.0)

B12 - 233 (191 - 663)

Folate (serum) - 5.6 (4.6 - 18.7)

Ferratin - 84.5 (13 - 150)

I have been keeping a note of my basal temperature since 1st July which has come in between 35.2 - 36.4*C

I will be getting the results of the 24hr Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) on Monday.

Does this still look like Secondary/tertiary Hypothyroidism now I have a fuller picture?

I am seeing my GP next week to discuss the Cholesterol/Diabetes flags but need to convince her I need a 2nd referral to an Endo of my choice.

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This video explains why the docs won't diagnose you with low thyroid for years. If at all.

Your thyroid levels are scraping along the bottom of the range. It old be just a lack of basic building material..... Thyroid hormones are synthesised from iodine and the uk soil is iodine deficient. And has been for at least the ast 5 years.

In the old days, when docs actually were practitioners, they would have given you a trial of thyrod hormones, preferably NDT , and you would probably have seen how you got on,and stayed on the low dose if it helped. But today they are slaves to the tsh test,

The b12 is also too low... Its in range but not optimised. You can buy sub lingual suppliments ott.

If I was you, I would have a read of dr peatfields book.... 'Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy', and then maybe think about getting hold of some meds if iodine supplementation doesn't help.

xx g


Sherbetkitty, TSH is low-normal and should have risen more in response to low FT4 so secondary/tertiary hypothyroidism should certainly be considered.

High cholesterol and slightly elevated HbA1C can be signs of low thyroid hormone. They usually resolve when thyroid is adequately treated.

Supplement 5,000iu vitD3 for 6-8 weeks to boost vitD then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days. Retest in 6 months.

B12 and folate are low. Ask for intrinsic factor and anti parietal cells to be tested to rule out pernicious anaemia before supplementing.

Ferritin is fine, just over the optimal half way through range.

CRP is an inflammation marker but doesn't specify where in the body inflammation is. Yours is a bit high, almost top of range.


Thank you Clutter.

I had the NICE guidelines you linked printed out when I went to see the Endo but they were dismissed as my FT4 wasn't 'low' enough, she was quoting that for secondary to be considered they needed to be in the 4-5 range, not just below the reference range. Didn't even get the chance to expain that I have had 2 serious car accidents one which rolled the car several times and I now have 2 fractured vertebrae, which could explain a Pituitary trauma.

Thank you for the comment on Pernicious Anaemia, I will

Bring this up with my GP when I see her next week. Hopefully I will also have enough info for a 2nd referral to a more thyroid knowledgeable Endo.


Sherbetkitty, I really despair of some doctors. FT4 below range is deficient and should be treated. My trainee GP who spent six months in endocrinology rotation and was very unhappy with my FT4 just <14.

Email for a list of member recommended endos and ask your GP to refer you to one of them.

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Thank you Clutter I have already received the list from Louise and am looking to see if I can get a referral one of the doctors on that list


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