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Blood Test Results

Hello everyone, went for the yearly blood test and phoned for the results today... last year they were T3 5.0, T4 0.3, TSH 0.01 they have stayed the same since 2015, latest results

T3 5.8, T4 03, TSH 0.02... i take 100 micrograms of liothyronine a day, the receptionist said the doctor would like to see me?

For the last 2 years i have felt really well i hope they are not going to tell me to cut back.

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Aw Miffi

For sure your GP wants to see you. S/heknows jack sh*t about what you're taking and wants you back on T4, the sadist, so s/he can 'monitor' your suffering.

I take T3 myself but I buy it for pennies in Greece. See what unfolds and use the search facility to look for others this has happened to.

Let us know what happens and get ready for a fight. We will fight with you ! Even Dr Toft has recently stated that he believes that T3 is necessary in some cases x


Hello Rapunzel... your saying what i thought lol, im prescribed 60... i supplement myself, from Greece. Yes i will let you know what happens after my visit Monday


Yes i will get ready for the fight 🙅🏼 enjoy your weekend x

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Miffi, You may have already seen this, but in case not...

New Guidelines from the British Thyroid Association - Switching from Liothyronine (LT-3) to Levothyroxine (LT-4)? - 2016

“The decision to switch from L-T3 to L-T4 should be based on clinical considerations and should be reached in conjunction with the patient after a discussion of the risks and benefits. Patients established on L-T3 who continue to derive benefit from its use should continue on L-T3. However, patients with uncertain benefits should be considered for a switch to L-T4 and advice should be sought from an endocrinologist on how this can be safely done.”



Thank you RedApple... no i have not, more ammo for me 😊


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