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3rd blood test result (with ranges) on Levothyroxine, feel awful advice please.


Please can someone offer me advice, I have now had 3 blood tests (results below).

I am currently on 75mcg of Levo and I have just got my blood results back today. My GP is increasing my levo by 25mcg every 6 weeks.

However, as said I am currently on 75mcg and I feel awful, started to go down hill a few weeks ago, my neck stiffness has returned big time, I feel my airway is tight, I have muscle stiffness. I am very emotional, tired all the time, freezing cold and I now have no libido at all, I had very little, but, since starting Levo it has gone.

I can't concentrate at all.

I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos by endo, but, not given any medication.

I got very ill and went to GP, they took bloods in March 2018 and here are my results:

MARCH 2018 RESULTS (8.30am) not on any medication

TSH 12.2 (0.27-4.5)

T3 4.12 (3.1-6.8)

T4 10.2 (11-23)

Antibodies 160 (<34)

I was started on 50mcg of Levo

APRIL 2018 RESULTS (8.30am no levo taken that morning, water only)

TSH 4.1 (0.27-4.5)

T3 4.51 (3.1-6.8)

T4 14.2 (11.0-23.0)

Increased to 75mcg of Levo

MAY 2018 RESULTS (8.00am no levo taken that morning, water only)

TSH 1.6 (0.27-4.5)

T3 4.58 (3.1-6.8)

T4 17.4 (11.0-23.0)

I am gluten and dairy free, and all my vitamins levels are good (checked March 2018) in fact I was above range for vitamin d and B12, iron was 70.

I am due to go back to the GP to increase my dose to 100mcg, but, looking at the results it looks like I am not converting T3 very well, as TSH and T4 is getting better?

T3 results

March 2018 T3 4.12 (3.1-6.8)

April 2018 T3 4.51 (3.1-6.8)

May 2018 T3 4.58 (3.1-6.8)

Is this the reason for me not feeling better?, should I add some T3? or go onto NDT.

At what point do you say you have given Levo a chance as everyday is a struggle at the moment.

I take my Levo at 6am every morning with water and breakfast at 7.30am, my vitamins are taken 4 hours after Levo.

Any advice please as I am desperate to feel better.

Best Wishes


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I think it's still early days. It can take months to feel well even though results can look good.

The aim of a treated hypo patient generally is for TSH to be 1 or lower with FT4 and FT3 in the upper part of their ranges if that is where you feel well.

I think yiu should increase Levo to 100mcg, see where this bri gs your levels. Once your TSH is down to 1 you will get a proper idea of how well you convert.

Thanks SeasideSusie for your prompt reply.

It's just the rate of my TSH and T4 are improving faster than T3. I hope my GP will increase my levo and not say keep me at 75mcg.

Best wishes

Peanut 31

Have you tested your cortisol levels via saliva? The neck stiffness and tight chest suggest low adrenal function. The higher the thyroid dose the worse these symptoms will get.

Peanut31 in reply to pinkjess17

I did test them, but, didn’t understand them.

It’s tightness in my throat not chest, but neck stiffness really bad.

I’m positive I posted them on here and told ok.

Don’t hold me to that though as I’m am getting very forgetful.

My nutritionist looked at them and said they are fine. I shall dig them out of my files and post, if I can’t find them, I shall do it again.

Best wishes


Peanut31 in reply to pinkjess17

Hi Pinkjess17

Here are my results, I did post them before I started levo, but, no one responded.

Sample 1 7.97 (2.68-9.30)

Sample 2 4.47 (0.75-2.93)

sample 3 2.48 (0.36-1.88)

sample 4 0.77 (<=0.94)

sum of cortisol 15.690

DHEA Level 0.17 (0.05-0.32

Secretory IgA results 835 (56-212)


Sample 1: within range

sample 2: cortisol level is above the reference range. Mid-day cortisol levels may be a good indication of adaptive adrenal gland function since they represent the adrenals' response to the demands of the first few hours of the day

sample 3: cortisol level is above the reference range. Afternoon cortisol levels may be a good indication of glycaemic control exerted by the adrenal gland since they represent a postprandial sample. High afternoon levels suggest a degree of adrenal hyperfunction with increased adrenal assistance in glycaemic control.

sample 4: within range.

High levels of Secretory IgA

Elevated levels in saliva are associated with an immune response to stimulation by infections and inflammatory reactions. High levels of SlgA production may indicate an infection of the digestive system. In which case a comprehensive stool analysis would be recommended.

If those results are Genova I wouldn't go by them, the range is very off. Most others are optimal am around 15-20 nmol. Regenerous or Medichecks are more realistic and accurate. Your cortisol is low especially am and lunch time.

Peanut31 in reply to pinkjess17


Yes, the test was Genova. I’ll do a medichecks one.



Peanut31 in reply to pinkjess17

I’ve looked on medi checks is it the urine test one?

Best wishes


So effectively changing dose every 4 weeks? This is quite quick as some allow up to 8 weeks to let T3 into cells , not just blood. At present your last test in May does not indicate low conversion of T4 to T3, as its ratio is an acceptable 3.8 :1. I would hope the next dose of 100 mcg levothyroxin will take your TSH to 1 or below, then hopefully you will start to feel better. Don't let your doctor think a TSH of 1.6 is low enough frightened that you will go below his/ her 0.27 range.

Hi Judithdalston

The first blood test (TSH of 12.2) was before I was on anything at all.

The GP was very cross at my Endocrinologist for not helping me and leaving me to get so ill.

He (GP) has been very supportive so far. I’m struggling to see him at the moment as two doctors are sick in the GP so appointments are like gold dust.

The most recent bloods was May 2018 which was a 6 weeks gap.

Thanks for your advice I’ll make sure I’m not fobbed off.

Best wishes


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