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Still loosing weight, forehead numb, and Anxiety

Taking 50 mg Tironsint & 12.5 T3. Multivitmens, Biotin, iron, B12, D3, magnesium, vit E, vit C.

TSH 1.41 (.47-4.68)

T3 2.2 (2.2-4.2)

T4 .90 ( .78-2.19)

Cortisol 37.4 (4.5-22.7)

Vitamin B12 662 (239-931)

Folate >20.0 (>=3.0)

Vitamin D 78 (30-80)

Ferritin 86.8 (6.-264.) up from 20.4 in Oct 2017

Iron 88 (37-170)

Iron saturation 25 (11-46)

TIBC 348 (265-497)

So they increased my T3 last week 2.5 mg from 10- 12.5, left my Tironsint at 50.

Ive lost 18 pounds since Aug2017. Hair loss seems to have lessened but not growing yet and skin very dry. Dr was hesitant in increasing my T3 because of anxiety and weight loss and possibly making me hyperthyroid but decided my T3 needs to be up. Took labs after fasting and no meds that morning. I take 7.5 mg and tironsint in the am an hour or more before eating and take 5mg T3 about 1:30 in the afternoon. Take all vitamins every other night. Any opinions on dosage and symptoms, also cortisol levels? Thank you for reading!

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I lose weight on Tirosint too. I had been on Synthroid for years prior to switching over to Tirosint in hopes it would absorb better. I saw my Endocrinologist recently & she suggested alternating between these two medications each day of the week. Tirosint really helped my mood however fatigue & weight loss was problematic. My weight trends up on Synthroid & down on Tirosint.

I share currently or have had in the past the symptoms you mentioned. It would be interesting to compare in the future how things work out, I will follow your post. Good luck to you.


Just a comment on Vits every other night. I presume because some are high in their range and you don't want to over do it? One comment I've picked up on over the years is that Vit D has a half life so needs to be taken every day or it's a roller coaster ride!


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