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Blood test results


Hello everybody. I haven't posted on here for a while, though I still dip in quite regularly to read and learn. I had a hemi thyroidectomy three years ago. My doctor prescribes 75mg levo, but I take Thyroid S - 2tablets daily, instead.

I've just had my annual blood test and the doctor has asked me to go in to see him to discuss the results.

I would appreciate any comments on these results - what do you think he is seeing, and what might he be going to suggest? Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

tsh 0.28 mu/l (0.30 - 6.00)

Free T4 7.8 pmol/L (10.4 -24.5)

Free T3 3.3 pmol/L (3.0 - 7.1)

Serum Ferritin 74 ug/L (10 - 291)

Serum Vit B12 775 (160 - 1000)

Serum Folate 10.3 ug/L (3.0 - 20.0)

Vitamin D 60 nmol/L no range given, but states that more than 50 is sufficient for almost the whole population.

I would say that for the most of the past year I have felt reasonably well - though to be fair, I think that I have really just begun to accept a new normal, that is not really good enough. I can see that all of the results are showing a significant drop from last year, when they were all higher - towards, or at, the top of the range. A year ago I was at last starting to lose some of the weight that has been put on since my thyroid became a problem. All that weight has come back on.

Plantar fasciitis and trigger finger both disappeared when I increased my dose of Thy-S, But the plantar fasciitis still comes occasionally when I overdo things. I have found that if I take extra Thy-S on days that I know I will be particularly busy - it does seem to prevent it.

I have almost forgotten the last time I had brain fog, so I think that it was wheat causing the problem - not thyroid.

I do still get very tired, and recently I have been very depressed.

A new, and very painful problem (just the last couple of months) is cold, cold feet!! Not all the time. From about three in the afternoon I find that, although I don't feel generally cold - my ankles and feet are painfully cold. As if I'm standing in ice cold water!

I would so appreciate some thoughts on this.

And thank you for reading this far - I was only going to write a brief post.

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Oh, doubtless he's just looking at that below-range TSH! I don't suppose he cares about, or realises the consequences of, that oh so low FT3 which is causing all your symptoms! Especially as he doesn't know you're taking Thyroid S! But, when taking NDT, you can expect low TSH and FT4. But, your FT3 should be higher, and that means you need a permanant increase in Thyroid S, not just when you think you're going to be active - which isn't at all a good thing to do.

Apart from that, your ferritin could be higher - up around 100. Same for your vit D3 - hypos are the part of the population that needs it higher than 50! But, I wouldn't expect your doctor to know any of that. :)

Oh thank you, Greygoose , for replying - and so quickly.

A couple of points.

Last year my T3 was a little over range (not much), but enough for me to be afraid that the Dr would have something to say about it. My TSH was at supressed at something like 0.03 (I'd have to check back). I went back for the appointment but he hardly batted an eyelid! kept things as they were.

I resolved then, that if I was called back I would admit to taking NDT - as a supplement. He might not be too upset if he thought I was only supplementing!!

A few months ago, I had several episodes of excessive bleeding. Not menstrual - I've had an hysterectomy - but some nosebleeds and some excessive bleeding from very minor lesions.

Dr Google suggested anaemia so I looked at past results and sure enough, I saw low levels, though I supplement B12. . I've been supplementing with Folate 1000ug daily and it is creeping up. But yes, as you say, not enough yet, But thankfully, I haven't had a bleed since.

I wonder? Last year I was asked to go in to discuss my blood results and I was worried - but the GP that I saw hardly batted an eyelid. I wish I could remember which one of the practice he was. When I was asked this time if I had any preference of doctor I said no - to my mind it hardly matters because I take NDT anyhow. But .. maybe he might have been one of the good ones!

Thank you. x

Perhaps he has noticed the low FT3, then. We live in hopes! :)

Yes, we live in hope! Thank you, Greygoose.

Hi Loosely!

My GP would be picking up on the low FT4 and want to get this in range despite the probability of pushing down TSH further. They may see low FT4 as a cause for cold intolerance and possibly low mood.

I realise they are not aware of your Thy-s which may mean your FT4 is a bit lower than it might be on Levo.

I'm guessing they'll want to increase your Levo. You may want to increase (and stabilise consistently) your Thy-s a bit.

Others here on the foum may be more expert than I. Comments welcome.

Sorry to jump on convo but what is Thyroid S?


Definitely improve your vitamin D to around 100nmol. Better You vitamin D mouth spray works well as avoids poor gut function of Hashimoto's

Ferritin, eating liver once a week should help improve levels

If you can't tolerate more NDT, have you considered adding small amount of Levothyroxine

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