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Supplement advice please

Please help advise me on supplements please thankyou

Dec 2017

Ferritin 22 (15 - 150) asking to be referred back to haematology for another iron infusion - last one done in 2016

RBC 4.41 (3.80 - 5.80)

WBC 4.3 (4.0 - 11.0)

Haemoglobin 136 (115 - 150)

MCV 83 (83 - 98)

MCH 28.2 (28 - 32)

MCHC 388 (310 - 350)

Platelets 244 (140 - 400)

Iron 8 (6 - 26)

Transferrin saturation 14 (12 - 45)

Folate 2.2 (2.5 - 19.5) taking 5mg folic acid since 2012

Vitamin B12 224 (190 - 900) taking B12 injections every 3 months for low B12 symptoms, first one started 2016

Vitamin D total 30.3 (25 - 50 deficiency) taking 800iu since 2011

Selenium 0.92 (0.89 - 1.65)

Magnesium 0.85 (0.70 - 1.00)

Zinc 15 (11 - 23)

Also want to take magnesium, selenium and zinc as previous doctor has said magnesium blood level looked low and is probably lower at the cellular level, also selenium could be better and zinc level though normal from bloods was registered low when I did the zinc taste test (chewing a zinc tablet and getting no taste from it indicating low/deficient level)


pins and needles


hard stool

puffy eyes

eyebrow loss

feeling cold


memory loss

heavy periods

dry skin

dry eyes

hair loss

weight gain

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When having B12 injections you also need folic Acid/Folate. So taking a GOOD B Complex should help bring your Folate to mid-range. Maybe you need b12 jabs more often - do you have neurological symptoms ? Was the B12 test done before you started injections ?

800 IU's of VitD won't help a fly ! As you can see it has done nothing for your levels. Your level needs to be around 100. You need at least 5000 IU's daily - based on your results. Re-test again at the end of winter. Take VitK2-MK7 as well as Magnesium. Research Magnesium carefully as there are many types - some good - some not so !

Your MCV is at the bottom of the range and would suggest Iron Anaemia - so you do need that referral or a good supplement with VitC.

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Thanks B12 tested before injections and I have neuro symptoms and digestive symptoms

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If you are having neurological symptoms - the B12 treatment protocol is different. Injections should be every other day until symptoms subside. This is clearly laid down in the Guidelines for Folate and B12 (Cobalamin ) Deficiency from the British Haematological Society - a copy of which should be on your GP's desk ! he obviously has not read it.

As you have digestive issues have you been checked for PA - H Pylori Infection ?


Check out the pernicious anaemia group here. All highly under, in my opinion. The high MCHC indicates PA. B12 should be 800-1000. Iron around 70-90, maybe more for women. Lots of issues. You need loading injections of B12 every week until you reach a decent level and then see how often you need them (your GP won't do this, but lots of people self inject).


please consider testing for h pylori.

h pylori is a KNOWN cause of iron and b12 deficiencies.

h pylori causes low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) so it can effect your ability to absorb numerous nutrients.

humans have vitamin D receptors (VDR) in our stomach and intestines. i took 5000 iu of D plus A and K daily for 16 months and only increased D from 20 to 39.

get out in the sun for 10 to 15 min a day and take 400 mg of magnesium to improve D status quickly.

all the research says stomach cells heal and therefore b12 status improvement occurs in 2 months after h pylori eradication. but it took my body 8 months before it started absorbing b12 on its own again and i no longer need injections.

conversely, my serum iron improved much quicker!!!!

i make take many months, but h pylori eradication helps. and none of us want to feel like crap forever.

i am reading this post 8 months after you wrote it because i am still struggling with zinc. can you please update me on if your zinc status, test test, has improved and what you did to cause the improvement?



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