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Latest lab results - B12 too high?


These are my latest results which show a little improvement from October I think?

I'm not diagnosed and have no prescription medicine. I have lots of hypo symptoms which have actually got worse if anything but maybe it is all in my head/depression worsening?

b12 is above range. What does this mean?

What's optimum folate? It looks like I'm ok but low in range?

I take 50mcg vit D a day and multivitamins for breastfeeding.

Tsh 2.03 (0.27 -4.2) (3.41 previously)

Free t4 14.1 (12-22) (12 prev)

Free t3 5.17 (3.1-6.8) (4.67 prev)

Reverse t3 16 (10-24)

Reverse t3 ratio 21 (15-75)

Thyroglobulin antibody <10 (0-115) (prev 12.9)

Thyroid peroxide antibodies 12.9 (0-34) (15.8 prev)

B12 213 (25-165)

Folate 9.46 (2.91-50)

Vit D 49.4 (50-200) (prev 30ish)

Ferritin 58.9 (13 -150) (prev 17ish)


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FT4 and FT3 have improved and that has brought down TSH. Antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

Do you supplement B12?

Folate could be higher but it isn't deficient. You can supplement 400mcg folic acid or methylfolate to raise folate.

VitD is insufficient. >75 is replete and most people are comfortable around 100-150. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 for 6-8 weeks then reduce dose to 5,000iu alternate days and retest in March.

Ferritin 58.9 is a great improvement on 17 but I would continue supplementing iron until ferritin is 75-100.


Clutter my vits have 6mcg B12 and medichecks doctor who reviewed my results online said to stop taking them but if having an active b12 higher than the reference range isn't bad then I would like to continue taking them.

They seem to have helped my iron and they don't upset my stomach so I'm reluctant to change.

It's hard to find information on active b12 and what an above reference range means in terms of my health etc



You might want to ask on healthunlocked.com/pasoc.

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Your multivitamins probably contain B12. Result is not very high

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SlowDragon - test wasn't serum B12 it was active B12 and the result is high for active B12.


If you don't have an absorption problem then it is possible (though I think rather unlikely) that a dose of 6mcg would raise your B12 levels significantly.

Have you talked about above results with your GP? and have you had a full blood count?

If so suggest that you post on the PAS forum


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Gambit62 I haven't discussed with GP yet. I'm not convinced she will know what active b12 is although it would be nice if i'm proved wrong.

i had a full blood count a couple months ago so will post it to the PAS.

Do you think I need to urgently stop my supplements or see GP or shall i post to PAS and see what they think? Obviously I appreciate you can't give actual medical advice but I'm trying to gather opinions/info before I have a possibly frustrating conversation with the GP.

This active b12 test doesn't have a lot of info online about it.



suggest you post on PAS fotum.

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