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Test results help please

Hi everyone,

Thyroid was removed in August 2016 (only taking thyroxine in the am and a b12/b complex, calcium/vit D supplement in the pm) and I've been feeling a bit ropey the past few weeks so had my bloods checked, with the following results:

TSH - <0.005 (I've had thyroid cancer so it's supposed to be suppressed)

Free thyroxine - 27.4 (12 - 22) (is this a problem being out of range?)

Total thyroxine - 114 (59 - 154)

Free T3 - 5.92 (3.10 - 6.80)

Thyroglobulin antibods - 12 (0 - 115)

Thyroid peroxidase antibods - 9.44 (0 - 34)

Vit B12 - 411 (140 - 724)

Folate - 12.01 (2.91 - 50)

Vit D - 83 (50 - 200)

CRP inflammation marker - 8.8 (0 - 5)

Ferritin - 137 (13 - 150)

Calcium - 2.40 (2.20 - 2.60).

I'm booked in with my GP in 10 days time but I really would love you informed lot to help me know what I'm talking about before seeing her.

Thanks in advance

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Did you have your blood test at the very earliest a.m. fasting (you can drink water) and did you allow a gap of 24 hours between that last dose of levo and the blood test (you take dose afterwards)?.

SeasideSusie if she sees your post will respond re your vitamins/minerals.

I, personally, don't know how patients cope without T3 being added to T4 when they've no thyroid gland at all.


Hi, no the test was done mid morning and had taken pills when I woke as normal but that's comparable to my last ones.

Does it make much difference?


It makes a huge difference. As doctors only seem to take notice of the TSH , it is highest earliest a.m. and drops throughout the day which may mean you aren't on the dose required to relieve clinical symptoms/


I'm almost as high as I can go. My specialist said I need to suppress the TSH and he's happy with whatever dose makes me feel normal without having pains in my chest!

Just need to try and explain that to my GP!


Your specialist should have advised your GP to prescribe sufficient thyroid hormones to suppress your TSH. Suppressed TSH means lower than the lowest point. However, if you get a test after taking levothyroxine, you will not have an accurate TSH and this can cause problems as your TSH may appear 'suppressed' but really isn't as you've not left a gap between dose and test..


You might benefit from trial of T3. Unlikely your GP will prescribe as NHS guidelines say GP can not prescribe, You would need referral to an endo. But you need to pick the right endo who is T3 friendly

Suggest you email Louise at Thyroid Uk for list of recommended thyroid specialists



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