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Auto-Immune Disease

Hi, I am trying to find the root autoimmune disease causing so many symptoms. TSH (3.38), T4 110 in range (59.00-154.00), with TPO Negative and

Thyroglobulin Antibody *329 (0-115). Low vitamin D 25 OH (37) which I am now supplementing.

Smooth muscle antibody positive and Gastric Perietal Antibody Positive.

Checked active b12 and intrinsic factor antibody to rule out pernicious anaemia (which I was really hoping it was).

Is this a positive diagnosis for autoimmune gastritis? And which antibodies should I try getting tested next?

Many Thanks...

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 13.0 IU/mL 0-34

Antinuclear antibodies Negative

Mitochondrial antibodies Negative

Smooth muscle antibodies POSITIVE - Titre of 1:4

Gastric Parietal cell Ab POSITIVE

Reticulin Ab's (IgG) Negative

LKM antibodies Negative

Active B12 115 pmol/L (25.1 - 165.0)

Intrinsic Factor antibodies 1.0 U/ml (Normal: <6 U/ml )

25 OH Vitamin D * 37 nmol/L 50 -200


FREE THYROXINE 17.6 pmol/L 12.00 - 22.00

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 110.6 nmol/L 59.00 - 154.00

FREE T3 4.9 pmol/L 3.10 - 6.80

Thyroid Antib. THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY *329.200 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00


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'Thyroid Antib. THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODY *329.200 IU/mL 0.00 - 115.00'

Well, there you have it : Hashi's.


Thanks greygoose.

Yes, But I have been refused to be seen by an Endocrinologist in the NHS because my thyroid results are "normal" and so no symptoms can possibly be from this antibody....

Inactive Hashis, I guess.

I wonder what the other two positive antibody results mean and which ones to get tested for next because I fell this points to something.


Not a very logical conclusion, given that endos know nothing about thyroid, and even less about Hashi's.

All he's interested in is your TSH. And, whilst your TSH says 'hypo', for an endo, it says 'normal'. He wants it to get to ten before he can even vaguely recognise it as unusual. He knows nothing about symptoms, nutrients, antibodies or the consequences of long-term untreated hypothyroidism. All he sees is the TSH, and if that hasn't reached ten, your symptoms are all in your head : i.e. you have imaginary weight gain, imaginary bald spots on your head, and even an imaginary goitre in some people.

Do not identify your disease by the ramblings of a diabetes specialist. Hold out for a doctor that knows something about thyroid - they do exist!


NHS don't acknowledge Hashimoto's on raised TG antibodies, they only recognise high TPO antibodies

Wether you might get anywhere with private specialist I don't know

Improving your very low vitamin D is essential, recommended to also take magnesium supplements

No folate result, this should be tested in conjunction with B12

Have you had ferritin tested?


Thanks, Its typical, anything that is coming up as positive is just being ignored.

Here are the result which are out of range or borderline...

HCT 0.369 L/L (0.33 -0.45)

NEUTROPHILS 2.57 x10^9/L (2.00 -7.50)

CRP -HIGH SENSITIVITY 4.8 mg/l ( 0.00 -5.00)

SODIUM 142 mmol/L (135.00 -145.00)


ALANINE TRANSFERASE *35.5 IU/L (10.00 -35.00)

GAMMA GT 42 IU/L (6.00 -42.00)

TOTAL PROTEIN 63.7 g/L (63.00 -83.00)

CALCIUM *2.15 mmol/L (2.20 -2.60)

CORRECTED CALCIUM 2.25 mmol/L (2.20 -2.60)

Iron is mid range and I cant see that folate has been done. so will get folate tested.


I also don't drink alcohol, don't smoke and have a very healthy diet. Was helped significantly by going gluten free years ago.

TRIGLYCERIDES 1.07 mmol/L (0.00 -2.30)

CHOLESTEROL 4.74 mmol/L (0.00 -4.99)

HDL CHOLESTEROL 1.22 mmol/L (1.20 -1.70)

LDL CHOLESTEROL *3.03 mmol/L (0.00 -3.00)

Non-HDL Cholesterol 3.52mmol/L (0.00 –3.99).

Heart Disease Risk

HDL % OF TOTAL 25.74 % (20.00 -100.00)

Does the thyroid govern cholesterol conversion? As that should be lower

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I wish I could help you but I can't. I am however very interested in your post though as I have recently had a positive smooth muscle Antibody test myself along with a positive mitochondrial antibody test and M2 Mitochondria EIA above 100. I have Hashimoto's and I understand that having one auto immune disease increases the risk of others. I hope someone is able to help you :-)


I hope you find the puzzle pieces quickly!

Thanks so much for your spirit of support. I hope its smooth sailing for you.


"A rather non-specific test. Anti-smooth muscle antibodies are present in up to 70% patients with autoimmune chronic active hepatitis and in 25-40% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis (often together with anti-mitochondrial antibodies). "

The Doc said that he was reassured by my liver tests but I am not reassured by them.

He also ignored the Smooth muscle antibodies - because it was a weak result and he was reassured by my liver results but:

Just seen this : "Anti-smooth muscle antibodies are also found in patients with acute viral hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, asthma, yellow fever and malignant tumours (carcinomas of the ovary, malignant melanoma).

They have been found in less than 2% of the normal population.

Antibody titres are in the range of 160 to 320 in Type 1 chronic active hepatitis but are often lower, in the other conditions listed above. They can be found in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis but probably not SLE"

I have something because I am really ill.


Hi - explanations for your other anti-body results



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Thank you. I think I have read every website going. Doctors don't seem bothered at all. My results point to auto immune hepatitis and cirrhosis. I have normal liver function tests. I just have no idea whether I need to push the doctors. They ignored my thyroid symptoms and I ended up getting my self diagnosed by doing a private test. Doctors put me immediately on levothyroxine and have been on it now for around 6 weeks. I have no idea if my test results actually mean anything and it's all very scary. I do hope you find answers and thank you for your support too. :-)

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But this isn't actually your post is it? Why not write a post of your own with your own specific details including test results?


Thanks for sharing :-) LMor. It is a helpful idea to start a new thread as you may get some better answers from more experienced members there... Good Luck!

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I hope you don't feel like I have intruded on your post. That definitely wasn't my intentions. Thank you for your comments whatis and I wish u luck too.


Not at all.



Goodness! What sophisticated testing they do there in the UK ( this was your primary doc who ordered I presume) Here in the states, functional medicine is picking up speed. I fortunately found Dr.SaraGottfrieds’ protocols primarily for hormone balance but the fact is , it helps every body system by default. Our food has a major role in what our bodies do or not do., LOTS OF LOVE to you whatis & LMor!! ❤️

I FIRMLY feel this protocol has had my TPO go down in half in 2yrs time 😊 I’m not compensated or work for them. Just a happy follower🤗





No, these are private tests as its cheaper to the NHS that I go away and die :-) I have no Doctor. I am just trying to figure out, which tests to do next, until I hit bullseye.


Oh no!!! I thought my reply already went through hours ago!!😓I’m sorry!!

So your NHS is similar to our conventional medical treatment... sad that we have to take matters into our hands but glad we have a wonderful resourceas Heathunlocked!

Hope you get all better soon 😊🌈💐🌷

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