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Vitamin and mineral levels

Hi can my symptoms of sweats, gritty eyes, weight loss and tremor be explained by these results please? Thanks

Ferritin 68 (30 - 400)

Iron 11.0 (6.0 - 26.0)

Transferrin saturation 13 (10 - 30)

*MCV 76.3 (80 - 98)

*MCHC 391 (310 - 350)

Red blood count 4.46 (3.80 - 5.80)

White cell count 6.18 (4.00 - 11.00)

Haematocrit 0.410 (0.370 - 0.470)

Haemoglobin estimation 125 (115 - 150)

MCH 28.2 (28 - 32)

Platelets 250 (150 - 400)

*Folate 2.38 (2.50 - 19.50)

Vitamin B12 239 (190 - 900)

Vitamin D total 60.3 (50 - 75 suboptimal)

These were done in May 2017 and I take the following

6000iu vitamin D (since March 2015)

5mg folic acid (since November 2016)

210mg ferrous fumarate 1x day (since Jan 2017 - iron infusion done in May 2016)

Vitamin B12 injection (first one given June 2017)

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Despite your high supplementation of vitamin D it's still not optimal is it? It could be the cause of your symptoms because all your other levels are not yet optimal. They all work together and need to be optimal for us to feel well.

Have you tried gluten free yet? It looks like you may have an absorption problem as everything is so very low.

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Hi I haven't tried gluten free yet because GP thinks I have coeliac disease and wants me to undergo the gluten challenge. What is worrying me is the increasing frequency of loose stool and abdominal cramps I have been getting since eating more gluten than usual (this has happened over the past few months and my diet was really poor at that time)


Ok, you're right, if you're going to get tested for coeliac disease then you need to keep eating gluten but I think with the symptoms you're getting you need to return to your GP and get that test done. I would have thought a few months of eating gluten was more than enough time - you could check the Coeliac society recommendations for how long you need to eat gluten for before the test for it to be reliable and push for the test. If you're losing weight it's important not to delay.

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Hi I haven't been eating gluten every single day and I am sure that's what I need to do. I will push for coeliac test when I speak to GP next week.


I really think you need to. Maybe contact the Coeliac Society for advice??

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Hi yes doing the gluten challenge has only been something I've thought about doing recently. I have done an online assessment which says I should be tested for coeliac disease based on history and symptoms. I have not been eating all that well due to a goitre and since it has shrunk I have considered doing it.

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How long has the gluten challenge to go on for? I'd agree, it's definitely worth a try even if your doctor decides you aren't Coeliac.

Your ferritin, folates, vit D and B12 are all pretty low even if they are 'within the range' (grr within the range annoys me so much!) you want them boosted until they are much nearer the top of their ranges.

Either have an eye test or go buy yourself some preservative free dry eye drops. Put them in several times throughout the day and that should help your gritty eyes. I use either HycoSan or Theolose Duo. Both are very good. I've also got an eyebag that I pop into the microwave for a few seconds then lie with it over my eyes, that helps too.

Are you being treated for thyroid problems? Your sweats, weight loss, gritty eyes and shakes symptoms sound very much like mine when I was first diagnosed with Graves Disease,

Whoops, just looked up your last email, sounds like you might need more levo, I also had hyper symptoms when I needed an increase of levo during my block and replace treatment. Basically they wiped out my thyroid production with an antithyroid drug then replaced it with levothyroxine and every time my body got used to it and I needed more I had hyper symptoms which was very strange but an increase sorted me out.


Hi it has to go on for 6 weeks. I had an eye test which showed minor deterioration in my eye sight (I am short sighted) and grittiness in and behind my eyes.


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