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Low stomach acid Lansoprazole tablets vs absorbtion

Hi everyone, I have posted a few times on here and given all blood results. I am a little confused by my Gp and Endo. I have felt do unwell for 18 months with tiredness acid reflux. In short had an Endoscopy results fine, tested positive for H.pylori treated with antibiotics now negative. Very low VD at 14, had treatment and am now on 800u daily, low range iron, on Ferrous Fumerate daily but hit and miss as they give stomach issues. I am on Lansoprazole 30 X twice daily but I don't have classic heartburn symptoms more like silent reflux in the throat area with mucus. I have had a nasaloscopy and that is fine so not sure what is causing this issue,

I have been told I have Hashi with high antibodies but a TSH level of 4. They are not treating me for Thyroid until TSH gets closer to 10, not sure if this is cos other results T3 T4 were ok or not. My understanding is Hashi causes low stomach acid therefore causes an absorption problem with vitamins etc, if do why would I be on Lansoprazole, dies this not make the situation worse. I feel better than I did but still not completely right and my Thyroid is meant yo be just monitored every six months.

Not sure what you lovely people will advise.

Thank you for any help.

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The symptoms of low stomach acid and high stomach acid are similar. Docs don't know that hypo patients get low stomach acid so they give PPI's which make things worse. Only thing is to ask doc how to stop taking and then try Either organic apple cider vinegar, teaspoon in glass of water before each meal or probiotics. I think some take Betaine but I think Shaws can tell you or Humanbean.

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Mainly, we who are hypo have 'low' stomach acid rather than 'high'.

The symptoms of low or high acid are so similar I think doctors are unaware that if hypo, low acid is mostly the problem.

If you are taking Lansoprazol could it be the wrong medication for you?

When the GP gave me some medication, the pain in my midriff was so severe in the middle of the night I had to get out of bed and hold my stomach and walk up/down trying to relieve it. Of course, I stopped and read so I bought Betaine with pepsin tablets and took one at each meal (particularly with protein) and haven't looked back since. I also take if I have no Betaine 'Digestive Enzymes' which do the same thing - give acid.

The following is a link and cursor down to Betaine Challenge test.

Acid is very necessary to dissolve protein.


same here, sorted out my 'over acidic' stomach by using digestive enzymes. I no longer need lansaprozole :-)


Some people with a reflux issue have low stomach acid, but it's treated the same way with antacids, which makes it worse. Try taking a little organic apple cider vinegar, the stuff with a culture in, or a pinch of ascorbic acid powder or lemon juice, all in water just before you eat or with supplements. This should help your digestion & absorption.

I swapped to ferrous sulphate & found this better for my digestion. I also take a half dose of iron biglycinate as my ferritin wasn't as high as I'd like. I take it away from other foods that might stop absorption, & always with an orange or grapefruit for vitamin C, & better absorption.

Try increasing your vitamin D dose, & take it with a meal containing fats. Always leave >4 hours between D & your thyroid medication.

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Hi bad hare

Thank you, I will get my iron tablets changed as I was on the sulphate ones previously and didn't have issues with them. What is iron biglycinate please, does this work along the sulphate iron tablets, don't want to overdose on iron, how many of both do you take. My Vit d is prescribed as a maintenance dose following 8 weeks of 40,0000u weekly, I don't know if this is sufficient now or not. Would you know if I should be taking a co factor Vit K 7 I think it is with Vit d


Hi Christine,

Why did you swap to ferrous sulphate if sulphate was alright for you?

Biglycinate is a different form of iron. Like sulphate, it's been fine for my digestion, which the ferrous form wasn't. My prescribed NHS sulphate dose wasn't optimal for iron or ferritin, hence adding a half dose of biglycinate (Floradix biglycinate is a two tablet daily dose, & I take one). I didn't want to take meat based haem iron, which is reportedly better for optimal iron & ferritin.

Depending on which website one looks at, the minimum recommended dose of D3 is 2,000mcg, better at 5,000 with thyroid issues. I aim for 4,000 a day as I'm smaller than average. I take less in summer if I've been in the sun for long enough.

I eat kefir for K2, occasionally brie. Some people prefer a K2-mk7(?) tablet for a standardised dose.



Before all the latest health issues I used to suffer from iron deficiency Aneamia so they prescribed sulphate. Once levels were ok they stopped the meds but as time as gone by my levels have dropped, in range but not optimal so dr has prescribed iron tablets again but gave me different ones I thought they would work in the same way but not sure if it's them that give me stomach discomfort or the Lansoprazole. Go round in circles all the time without feeling better so still tail and error for me.

What is kefir please


Hi Christinablue

no one has mentioned it yet so I will :-) post any/all your thyroid results with ranges on here and you can be sure someone will be able to advise you as to how to proceed. If you don't have your results ask your surgery to give them to you, they cannot refuse. My latest surgery has them all on line through the 'Patient access' site so I can see them any time I choose. Has your surgery got this system?

best wishes



Hi Sue_b

Many thanks, I have posted my results already on here but don't know how to get them back.


Don't just stop the PPI's though! They are addictive so you need to wean yourself off them. And well done in your reading and realising you shouldn't be taking them! That puts you head and shoulders above many in the medical profession regarding stomach acid!

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