Low stomach acid

Hi , I have read that most people with hypothyroidism / hashimotos have low stomach acid .

Does anyone here have this problem ? Iv'e done the bicarbonate of soda test , and it seems I have low stomach acid , that would explain my digestive problems and acid reflux .

Does anyone have this problem and have advice on how to help it ?

Thanks Sandra

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It is extremely common in hypo to have low stomach acid.

I take Solgar betaine/pepsin tablets - 1 at each meal except breakfast as I don't eat protein then - and have had no problems since. The meds the doctor prescribed initially, caused immense painful stomach. We can also take a couple of teaspoons organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water before each meal some find they only need to take ACV.

Cider vinegar needs to be the unpasteurised stuff, with mother.... A sort of Tendril floating in it. I found if I mix it with apple juice its much more palatable.


Thanks Galathea

Thanks shaws , you said you don't take one at breakfast , is that because protein dosnt cause any problems ?

Hi I meant to say is that because protein causes you problems ?

Galathea is right, juice makes it more palatable and about unpasteurised.

I think this maybe a better explanation of the purpose of stomach acid:

Wikipedia states that stomach acid, also known as gastric acid, breaks down proteins in food. First the stomach acid causes the structure of the protein to unfold to make the bonds between the protein's amino acids more accessible. Then the gastric acid activates enzymes that destroy the bonds. Stomach acid consists of hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride and potassium chloride, which are produced by the stomach lining. The hydrochloric acid also helps to destroy some harmful microorganisms in the stomach to help prevent disease. When the chyme moves along to the small intestine, it mixes with sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes some of the acid to prevent injury to the rest of the digestive system.

MedicineNet describes one of the other protections that the body has to prevent harm from stomach acid. At the juncture between the esophagus and the stomach, there is a one-way valve that keeps acid from flowing back into the esophagus. Wikipedia notes that the stomach itself secretes a thick mucus, which coats the stomach lining and keeps the acid from harming it.


Thanks shaws

I couldn't find vinegar with the mother in it, but ordinary vinegar seems to work just fine to relieve heartburn. I am not sure if the fancy stuff has other beneficial effects.

Ruthi i get mine from amazon its Braggs acv with mother

I take Solgar betaine hydrochloride + pepsin. I take 2 with each meal plus a digestive enzyme tablet (Quest Enzyme Digest).

I've mentioned in another post very recently that I tried capsules of betaine HCL and tablets of betaine HCL from different makers. The capsules were a disaster and made my gut pain a lot worse. I think they were dissolving in the wrong part of my gut. The Solgar I take are tablets and they work miracles for me. So, if you try capsules and they don't work, try tablets before giving up (or vice versa).

It may be possible to normalise your acid over time I have found. I took Betaine HCL capsules for 4 yrs, but recently, after lots of work on my gut with restricted foods (ie no gluten and dairy and no sugar other than fruit, and no grains other than rice), and adding in home made kefir, I realised that in fact my stomach acid had increased and if I took Betaine HCL now it was too much.

Thanks for your reply , are you gluten and dairy intolerant

You probably already know that low stomach acid could put you at risk of not absorbing sufficient vitamin B12 through food and becoming deficient.

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