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T3 where to buy online


Please, could someone send me a PM, where to buy T3 medication online safely?

I was currently upping the dose from 50 to 75 units of Euthyrox, while on 50 weight gain was slightly decreasing, now on 75 is rapidly increasing again. I am hypo, The TSH is 2,5, FT4 is 12,30 and FT3 is 4,86. But my GP doesn' t like the idea of T3 prescription, so I was thinking to try only T3 for a while... cause deep down I just feel T4 isn't just enough...Thanks for any good advice...

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Welcome to the forum, Ninika.

Members are more inclined to share sources when you include background like recent thyroid results and ranges and current thyroid medication.

Ninika in reply to Clutter

Thanks, I have just added some more info...

Yr on a quite a low dose of thyroxine at moment, id think about discussing increasing that before jumping to sourcing t3 yrself. T3 is not an easy drug to take (or source!) and ideally you need to be monitored by yr gp/endo unless you can afford private testing. I've come to this conclusion myself as read alot of medical studies, websites forums etc since my tt

Best idea is to post yr bloods here with ranges.

Yes ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab so without them we would just be guessing. Your results look low so it may be that you just need a hose increase but knowing the ranges it could then indicate a conversion problem which can only be tested if taking Levo so as well to look for that now. It can be rectified by making sure the 4 things that help are optimal so also worthwhile getting your B12, folatate, ferritin and Vit D tested as well and posting those results for further guidance. Being in range often isn't good enough so please post those when you get them done.

Hello to all, results also show vitamin D deficiency (42,4 and now taking supplements) and a little lower iron. Should i increase the dosage og Levo to 100 units? I have also a problem with weight control on Levo as well, at 165 cm 44 years I have 88 kg!! when I took 50 Levo my weight dropped to 85kg, but raising to 75 levo, gave me weight load back!! Please help me with any good advice...

Hello to all, yes I am also vitamin D deficient (result: 42,4) and a bit of iron too.. so, you all think that I have to increase the Euthyrox from 75 to 100 . Is this the solution for weight decrease, because weight on Euthyrox is now totally out of control, despite ov exercise and food control. I am 44 years, 163 cm tall and my weight is now 88 kg!! Please healp me with the advice, my endo does not take this as a problem?!

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