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Buy T3 online

Hi, please can anyone tell me where a reliable source of T3 online can be bought. My FT3 is below the range but my endo. appt. isn't for over 3 months.

Many thanks

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Welcome to our forum Graham. Can you give our members a bit of your thyroid history i.e. when diagnosed, with what, prescriptions. :)


Hi, I have had hypo. symptoms for many years but the the TSH tests from the GP always came back 'normal'. Feeling worse and worse I did more research and found out about the FT3 tests. I was 3.4 .

GP referred me to an endo. - this test 7 weeks later was 3.3. The endo. told me the bottom of his range was 3.1 so no action was to be taken.

My GP has referred me to another endo. for a second opinion but the appointment isn't for over 3 months

I managed to obtain 1 packet of Cytomel and took 12mcg. spread throughout the day.

My pulse rate went up from average 45 (sometimes as low as 30) to average 58, total cholesterol went down 2 points, eyelashes/eyebrows started growing back, weight decreased massively, etc.etc. I just couldn't believe how different I felt.

I can't seem to find a reliable source of T3 at the moment.

Please can anyone help ?

Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum, Grahamgraham.

Can you post your TSH and FT4 results and ranges and say how much Levothyroxine you are taking?


Hi, my TSH was 1.9, FT4 16.6

I have not been prescribed any medication by the endo.

Vitamin D 124, Folate 22.2 (told this was ok !), Ferritin 121, B12 226



TSH and FT4 are euthyroid (normal) but FT3 bottom of the range will make you feel hypothyroid. If you self-medicate the endo probably won't help you but it's likely endo won't help you anyway with euthyroid levels. If you are going to self medicate you must keep your FT3 within range. 12.5mcg is unlikely to send FT3 over range but if you increase dose you should arrange a FT3 test to check after 6-8 weeks.


VitD, folate and ferritin are good. If that is serum B12 226 it is low in range. If you have symptoms in b12deficiency.info/signs-an... go to healthunlocked.com/pasoc for advice.


Plus do you have high thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto's)

Have you had vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested? These need to be at good levels for thyroid hormones to work

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Hi SlowDragon, please see reply above, I was told Hashimoto's was ok but can't seem to find the results !


Need ranges on the B12, ferritin and folate really. If that's active B12 its probably very good . If its serum B12 its very bad!

Someone will no doubt PM you options for no prescription supply.


Hi, Serum B12 226 range 150-1000

Serum ferritin 121 range 12-250

Serum folate 22.2 range 2.0-18.8 (told this was ok due to cortisol 467 range 170-540)

Many thanks for your help


B12 is very low

GP ought to test for Pernicious Anaemia and then offer B12 injections, especially if you have symptoms


Otherwise can self supplement with sublingual B12 and vitamin B complex

No vitamin D test?

You can get private test

Vitamindtest.org.uk £28 postal kit


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