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Where to buy T3

Hi I have tried to buy T3 on line from a couple of sites and am having problems transferring the money. Can someone please PM me with a good site to buy from. Thanks

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Are you trying to do it by Moneygram or Western Union? I think that's the only way you can do it other than bank transfer which can be expensive. Credit card and PayPal payments are no longer allowed from what I understand.

I know that some post offices offer the Moneygram service, can you do it there? And I think Western Union has shops or in-store outlets.

I don't think there is any other way to do it with the recommended suppliers.


Hello Seasidesusie I tried to do a bank transfer first. My bank requested a personal address for the recipient which I didnt have. The second site I tried gave me the price in euros and western union would only transfer from pounds sterling! Im not too clever on the computer and have spent ages on this this morning. The sites I went to all looked a bit dodgy. Would appreciate a recommended site. Thanks


amala57 I found it easier to visit Sainsbury's in person to carry out a Western Union transaction.

Be aware that I had originally been charged something like £32 for bank transfer!

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Thank you cinnamongirl

That is a good shout.


hi can anyone help point me in the right direction, I've ran out of T3 , and needing some if someone could inbox me


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