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Where to buy T3?

Hello all,

Would love to find a private source of T3, but I worry about 'rogue' online pharmacies, counterfeit medication, etc. Can anyone please PM me with your trusted sources?

My GP had done a full thyroid panel in my last blood tests after a recent increase in levothyroxine from 112 mcg to 125, but the Free T4 and Free T3 weren't included in the lab results I was given. Won't see my GP until the 16th to ask for the details. Even when my TSH is 0.1 I have hypo symptoms (I'm going to do the DI02 gene test).

TSH - 1.48 mU/L (0.2-1 mU/l)

Folate - 11.3 ug/L (4.6-18.7 ug/L)

Ferritin 102 ug/L (13-150 ug/L)

Fitamin B12 - 583 ng/L (197-866 ng/L)

For info, my TSH had been 3.29 mU/L on the 112 mcg dose of levothyroxine. All the results just say "fT4 not above 25 pmol/L" in the range descriptions, but the fT4 isn't actually stated anywhere.

I have Hashimoto's and it was recently flaring for a few months, resulting in a small goitre (can stress cause flares?). Had a scan yesterday and the goitre is gone, but the ultrasound technician commented that my "thyroid has taken a beating over the years". No lumps or nodules, which is good news.

Thanks for any help! I know my results aren't very useful without the actual fT4 and fT3 levels...

**Just as background, I was healthy until I lived in a not-so-developed country as a student. I spent time in a city that had a metallurgical factory that spewed heavy metal toxins into the air. I also later learned that in that specific country, radiation-contaminated building materials can be used. I truly wonder if heavy metal poisoning and/or slightly elevated background radiation levels could have contributed to my thyroid problems.**

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Hello Rusalka,

Your immune system would have taken a real beating living as you described but no one can be sure what it was that triggered the development of Hashimotos.

Your TSH is still too high at 1.48 if you are symptomatic and yes, stress could certainly cause a Hashi attack. It is important to lower antibody level to reduce inflammation and risk of further disease.

Many members have found following a gluten free diet to be beneficial.

I supplement Curcumin known for its anti inflammatory effects.

Post results when you get them.

I'll pm you.



Thank you, Flower. I agree I can't know for sure what caused my Hashimoto's, but I do find the timings coincidental, at the very least.

We had a very stressful spring this year and my thyroid antibodies spiked and I developed the goitre and felt generally very unwell. Now that things have settled a bit, I am feeling a bit better (although not 'normal').

I have recently gone gluten-free and that has helped! I'm also avoiding artificial sweeteners, after reading a recent article on sweeteners and Hashis. I didn't know about curcumin - will check it out.

Thanks again.


hi Nefretiti01

Could you PM me the info as well please? Many thanks


Hi please could you let me know where I can buy cytomel T3 I have been advised to take this alongside t4 and cannot find it on line (apart from the States is there anywhere in the UK?)

Thank you


Could you please PM too for T3. Many thanks. Ging


Thank you for the info, Nefretiti. I seem to get Hashimoto flares when I'm stressed - I agree it's a kind of poison for the body. I hope T3 continues to help you (and I hope it helps me, too). Regards.


Hi,I am also getting the runaround from my gp.

The usual"your results are fine,and I can't prescribe T3 for you"

I am currently on 175mg Levothyroxine but feel constantly tired,aching joints etc.

Am at my wits end and want to get some T3 and give it a go.

Could youPM me where to obtain some from a reputable source please.