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Where to buy T3 online?

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I asked the same question last year but was too worried about self-medicating but have now decided it is the only way to go as my doctor won't help and I feel very poorly and low. I am on 125mcg T4 but my FT3 remains 2.8 (3.1-6.8).

Someone kindly sent me a private message then to source T3 but I am finding it difficult to now contact this person.

Could someone please send a PRIVATE MESSAGE letting me know where I can purchase legitimate T3.

Thank you.

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Your post from month ago showed you were very under medicated on 100mcg


GP gave you 25mcg increase in Levothyroxine

You will need bloods retested in 3-4 weeks to see how levels have improved

Come back with new post once you get results and members can advise if you need further increase in Levothyroxine before starting on any T3

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WinnieH in reply to SlowDragon

The reason I have now decided to try T3 is because I have been on T4 for 25 years now but over the last few years T4 (even at 150mcg) has made no difference and I don't believe going to 125mcg will do anything.

I'm just tired of feeling this way!!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

I understand your impatience......I was 22 years extremely unwell on just Levothyroxine (more on my profile)

Getting Levothyroxine dose high enough first, should make adding T3 easier

Vitamin levels optimal helps too

Why was dose dropped from 150mcg to 100mcg!?!

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WinnieH in reply to SlowDragon

Over the last few years my TSH has gone from very suppressed up as far as 26. So the amount of T4 I have been on has ranged from 75mcg - 150mcg. I can't seem to keep it stable.

I take lots of supplements and vitamin status seems OK but cannot get my vitaminD levels up from 50. I have just started using the BetterYou spray and am hoping this will make a difference.

How does getting the Levothyroxine dose up make adding T3 easier? I thought I would have to drop right down on T4 so as to add T3.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

I certainly find vitamin D mouth spray much more effective. I had to take 6000iu daily to increase levels. But can now maintain levels on 3000iu daily

Are you taking magnesium supplements too?

This can help improve vitamin D

Most/many of us seem to need good FT4 and FT3 levels.

On 100mcg Levothyroxine your FT4 was only 30% through range and clearly very under medicated

Getting FT4 upto at least 60% .

Getting blood test done after 6-8 weeks on 125mcg

Is 25mcg tablets same brand as 100mcg?

Come back with new post once you get results

Usually recommended to start on 5mcg T3 twice daily (About 10-12 hours apart) as starting dose and retest after 6-8 weeks

Last dose of Levothyroxine 24 hours prior to blood test. (taking delayed dose immediately after blood draw).

This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, best not mentioned to GP or phlebotomist)

If/when also on T3, make sure to take last dose 8-12 hours prior to test, even if this means adjusting time or splitting of dose day before test

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WinnieH in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you for your help. I will do as you say and stick with the 125mcg T4 and check bloods at 6-8weeks. The 25mcg are the same brand as the 100's.

The doctor will only test TSH and FT4. I have to get a private blood test for FT3 but even when I take that result to the doctor she /he ignores it!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

Yes. I only made progress once I started getting full Thyroid and vitamin testing privately

Haven't had NHS test in 5 years .....they are inadequate and waste of time (and taxpayers money)

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

GP shouldn't be changing dose of Levothyroxine

Sounds like they are only looking at TSH, not FT3 and FT4

Dose Levothyroxine should be kept stable.

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Fitzroy58 in reply to WinnieH

I am the same. Levothyroxine is useless and GP doesn't do bloods. Had to go private to get diagnosed with Hashimotos.

I am now 64 and feeling so tired and ill

Was wanting to try anything but afraid

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Also, are you now back on strictly gluten free diet?

Did GP ever organise an ultrasound scan of your thyroid?

20% of Hashimoto's patients never have raised antibodies


Vitamin D levels might be linked to low iron test results. ferritin is the stored level for release into the blood stream . Iron conveys oxygen to the blood cells and is helped by doses of vitamin c of 1000mg a day. For thyroid function selenium is needed and can be found in a joint supplement as a dissolvable tablet such as redoxon and vitamin c. As you know vitamin k is important to work with vitamin d and can be found as k1 in plants and vegetables and is converted in the liver. k2 is found in goose livers and beef liver. The food which is highest in iron ferritin B12 and A is lambs liver. Chard broccoli cabbage are high in vitamin k expect dark leaved vegetables. Ferritin levels should be 70 to feel better. ThyroidNomore has written a post about t3 and accessing it. If you find the member who is a patient nhs and consultant they will add to your information. I improved my iodine levels and shrunk my goitre. I ate fish paste every day and fish and milk and meat which has iodine in it. If you have not had tests for gluten intolerance or grains eggs dairy then these can block thyroid and digestion . Selenium can be found in Brazil nuts but you have to have strong teeth. Take care.

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WinnieH in reply to

Thank you for all the information. I do take a lot of supplements including Selenium, magnesium, Iodised salt, D with K and vitamin c. I am semi- vegetarian (no red meat for 25 years) but eat chicken and a lot of fish. My Ferritin was checked at the beginning of the year and is OK. The main problem I have is raising D.

Am now determined to go gluten free if it's going to make such a big difference.

in reply to WinnieH

Expect you have had a serum iron test as well as a ferritin level test. Ferritin levels should be at optimum levels with thyroid probs. "Hypothyroidnomore" in post recommends t3 cytomel European grade which you cut into equal quarters and take one quarter with usual levothyroxine dose. Also recommended in this post is natural dessicated thyroid by T man Pharma. Co. Ltd

1 NDT tablet low dose 2 for 120mcg of levothyroxine.

If you find it hard to raise vitamin d levels then may be you can eat sardines and mackerel and only fish or take cod liver oil gels as they are a high source of vitamin d.

In a survey by the /vitamindcouncil.org/vitami... -in-relation-to-iron-deficiency-is-there-a-link determined that those who were iron deficient were nearly three times as likely of also being vitamin d deficient. Vitamin D3 is the sunshine vitamin and is not the same as D2. It is more readily absorbed than plant sources. I get mine from chemist valupak. You could ask for a full iron panel as you have been tested for the protein binding iron not the minerals iron haemoglobin. Hope levels improve.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

What was the actual ferritin result.

It's much more difficult to maintain adequate iron levels as vegetarian or non meat eater with Hashimoto's.

Ferritin needs to be at least half way through range.

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WinnieH in reply to SlowDragon

If Ferritin needs to be halfway through the range then I am low as it's

4.64 ug/L Range 15-150 ug/L

Can you recommend the best Iron to take?

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WinnieH in reply to WinnieH

Sorry that should read 49.64 ug/L

I saw a naturopath and she seemed to think this was OK that's why I wasn't supplementing!!

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Bessiebelle in reply to WinnieH

Sorry to jump in here, your vegetarian, but don’t say what your B12 status is, or that you take it as a supplement. What is your number, low B12 is linked to loads of issues, including thyroid, heart, brain, ME, MS, Fibromyalgia symptoms. You sound like you need a different doctor, I found someone that treats clinical symptoms, not just blood test results. Hope that might offer a clue and you feel better soon.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

As Bessiebelle says .......if you don't eat red meat it's likely you need to be supplementing B12 and B complex

Getting B12 and folate tested BEFORE starting supplementing

Iodine is not recommended for anyone with Hashimoto's either

Levothyroxine contains plenty of iodine

If you eat fish too you are very unlikely to need extra iodine in salt


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WinnieH in reply to SlowDragon

I am supplementing with B 12 trans-dermal oil and also taking a B complex with Metafolin. Both tested in September:

B12 = 551.6 ng/L (180-900.00 ng/L)

FOLATE = 18.52 ug/L (2.50-19.50 ug/L)

FERRITIN = 49.64 ug /L (15-150 ug/L)

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

So folate is good.

B12 could be a bit higher

Ferritin...replied in pm

Remember to stop taking vitamin B complex a week before any blood tests

Biotin in vitamin B complex can falsely affect test results



You can post the details to my mail id <redacted email address> then I will suggest the endo who has compounded pharmacy where you can get pure t3 only after doctor telephonic discussion. Don't take medicines without consultation.

All the best

[ For your opwn safety, please do not post personal contact details on this forum. I have removed the email address. Anyone can use the Private Message system to contact, if they wish. ]

Doesn’t Thyroid Uk have a list of Endos who’ll give t3? Someone on here knows. My Endo in Kingston gave me it. He’s now retired and I had a telephone consultation with his replacement who said she’d be fine with it but let’s get blood s done. So maybe worth trying the route of finding a t3 friendly Endo. (My GP surgery is pretty laughable.)

Plz private message me also this info. Ty

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Ljfaust8

Please write a new post. Othwrwise any interactions with your request can be confused with the original poster.

So why don't you insist on your GP making a referral to an endocrinologist with your T3 that low. If they refuse I'd say you're going to make a complaint. GP's can't prescribe T3 or test for it in the NHS, that's what my GP tells me, he has requested T3 lab tests but it's the lab that refuse, then he can't do anything. The other thing is the funding of T3, in my ccg it's the hospital that prescribes and the funding must come out of the hospital budget not my GP's. I get T3 on the NHS, so you've nothing to loose by insisting on a referral or you'll make a complaint.

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WinnieH in reply to Arpeggio

I requested a referral to an Endocrinologist last year which my doctor did. A few weeks late I had a letter from the Endo., via my Gp to say he had looked at my TSH and didn't want to see me as it was OK. So the appointment was cancelled.

I have emailed ThyroidUK to obtain a list of private endocrinologists.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to WinnieH

Vast majority of endocrinologists are Diabetes specialists and not interested in dealing with thyroid patients

Hence the need to get referral (or self refer if private consultation ) to one on the Thyroid UK list

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Arpeggio in reply to WinnieH

That's very disappointing. You could always ask for a referral to a different endocrinologist for a 2nd opinion.

Sorry to bother, you find where to get buy t3? Im looking

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Socalmoonpie

Please start your own thread to ask this question and as you are a new member then you are more likely to get responses if you give your thyroid history and current test results so that members know you have a genuine reason for wanting T3, which can cause problems if you take it but don't need it. Test results needed are:




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




My apologies, will do

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