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As a Hashimotos sufferer and receiver of hormone therapy treatment what blood tests should I ask for?

My Endo has suggested - TSH, T3 uptake (is that reverse T3?), T4, Iron, Ferritin, CBC, Free Testosterone, FSH, LH, T Testosterone (not sure what this is), Prolactin, Micro Albumin, Vitamin D3, HB Glycosylated.

I'm going to ask for SHBG too.

I realise this is complicated but any suggestions particularly from other hypo and Hashimotos sufferers will be much appreciated.

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  • For thyroid;


    Free t4

    Free t3 (essential)

    RT3 if they'll do it

    iron and CBC (complete blood count)





    sex hormones and prolactin if they think you have a pituitary problem

    Don't know anything about Micro Albumin, or HB Glycosylated

  • T3 uptake is really related to sex hormone tests, not thyroid: see

    If you have Hashis you want Tpo and TG antibodies also

  • Thank you Angel of the North. I am learning more as I go along. My endo keeps mentioning pituitary issues. Are inactive thyroid and inactive pituitary gland connected?

  • They can be, if you have secondary hypothyroidism.

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