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Blood test results


Hi finally got all the private blood test results the blue lines are the ones come back abnormal thyroid check and essential diet check I've recently posted the thyroid results and it seems I've got hashimotos I've suffered with terrible problems with my stomach for years and needing the loo after eating I've had a blood test for gluten intolerance but come back negative from these results do you think I should show GP and ask for b12 jab? Any advice would be great many thanks

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Definitely take your results to your GP immediately and show him/her all the results and ask what he/she plans to do. You might need other tests before treatment for b12 deficiency to find out the cause of your insufficiency, for example the blood test for intrinsic factor. You can find out more about B12 treatment from the Healthunlocked Pernicious Anaemia forum. You have autoimmune thyroid condition, Hashimotos' and many people on here have said how helpful a gluten free diet is even if they have not got celiac disease. Others more knowledgeable can tell you more.

Definitely show your GP......and it will be interesting to know how he/she begins to manage your medical condition. What are the issues with your stomach? is it bloating/weight gain etc?

2607trix in reply to shond2015

Yes bloating and 9 times out of 10 my meals go straight through me in 10 mins of eating


The tests for gluten are very unreliable. A coeliac blood test is only right about 50% of the time, even an endoscopy is not 100% reliable. There is no test available on NHS for gluten intolerance.

With Hashimoto's an extremely high percentage of us find changing to strictly gluten free diet helps reduce symptoms significantly and slowly reduces antibodies

Your extremely low B12 and folate need full investigation for Pernicious Anaemia and intrinsic factor.

There's no vitamin D test. Ask GP to do this. Vast majority of us with Hashimoto's have low vitamin D. This will likely also need improving

See this post from earlier for vitamin advice from SeasideSusie plus more about Hashimoto's from myself

2607trix in reply to SlowDragon

Hi slow dragon my vitamin D is ok I was tested for it and it is on the photo I uploaded x

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to 2607trix

O yes - sorry missed that - yes it's fine

Ask for referral to gastroenterologist for full investigation into gut issues

2607trix in reply to SlowDragon

This is the joke I have been referred to gastro in April still waiting for letter!!!!

lc1973 in reply to 2607trix

I think an appointment with your doctor is needed to discuss the results and lack of gastro appointment... April seems a long time to still be waiting!

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to 2607trix

Go back to GP and hassle.

Or ring receptionist and chase it up

Phoned hospital today letters not been lost in the post told long waiting list will have to wait a few more months yet!!!! 😩

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