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Help with blood results and starting T3, complications in results- antenolol interference and high cortisole and calcium

Hi clutter and co I am posting two sets of results one from March and second from May. Appreciate you advice if dossed of meds and supplements look ok. Clutter especiallly if u think overmedicated. March I was bedbound fatigue and body pains so bad after 13 years of only Levo 200 mg/ day and also 50mg Antenolol. I am 52 and menopausal- health deteriorated with onset. My body is mimicking Cushings disease with visible hump.

FreeT3 6.52 (3.1-6.8)

FreeT4. 33.5(11.0-23.0)

SerumTSH 0.02(0.27-4.5)

Serim calcium 2.65(2.2-2.6)

Adjusted calcium 2.66 (2.2-2.6)

B12 463(197.0-771.0)


Ferritin 108.0(13.0-150.0

Vit D 65

Saw private Endo who prescribed

Vitamin D 20,00 IU/ week

T3 25mg

Levo 150

I started supplementing based on this site in recommendations per day

Ubiquinol 200

Selenium 200mg

Magnesium Citrate 300mg

B complex min 50 mg each

B12 methyllcobalamin 1000mg

Zinc citrate 17 mg

Probiotic and kefir

They did tests and excluded hypercotisolism and parathyroid problems


Serum calcium level 2.55(2.2-2.6)

Adjusted calcium 2.56(2.2-2.6)

May results

T3 7.02(3.1-6.8)

T4 24.6(11-23)

TSH 0.01(0.27-4.5)

Vit B12 529(197-771)


Vit D 115

Serum calcium 2.63(2.2-2.6)

Adjusted calcium 2.62(2.2-2.6)


Decreased Levo to 125mg

Increased T3 to 30 mg on two doses

Decreased Antenolol 25mg

Told to Keep a chart of calcium results, tests 3 monthly and bone scan ASAP

Appreciate your feedback on this. I am better on T3 but still not right. Still very fatigued if do anything. Pains in leg and feet reduced- GP wldnt prescribe T3 and testing for Rheumotoid arthtitis, lupus etc etc!

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What was your actual parathyroid result ?


It was parathyroid hormone level 3.0 (1.6-6.9)


If that is the only pth result you should have regular checks, a high calcium is never normal and is nearly always caused by hyperparathyroidism, 99.5%. There are other causes which hopefully you have been checked for. If you are taking vitd supplements it would be wise to stop.


Hi Bantam Endo said to continue taking Vit D as was relatively low. Why wld this affect calcium- sorry for ignorance. He said they will monitor calcium via 3 monthly blood tests. No other tests for why calcium high- what do u suggest and no plans to monitor parathyroid according to Endo?!😱😜 how concerning are these results? Chasing GP about bone density scan!


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