So confused - Help needed with blood results please :)

Hi there,

Don't know where to go next - exhausted, putting on weight, very prone to infection etc

I've recently had some blood results and really would appreciate some help/advice on what they mean. My GP does not think my T4 or antibodies readings are of any importance - a thyroid scan last year showed heterogeneity, a follow up scan has just showed an improvement in the texture of the thyroid - Since the first scan the antibodies have gone from 14.8 to 13.6 - and I have been gluten free since first scan too

Free T4 - 10 ( 6.5-17)

Free T3 - 5.5 ( 4.2 - 6.7 )

TSH - 1.99 ( 0.34 - 5.6)

Thyroid peroxidase antibod lev 13.6 ( 0 - 10)

Vit D - 81 ( > 75 )

B12 - 493 ( 180 - 914 )

Folate - 5.7 ( 3.1 - 19.9 )

Ferritin - 24 ( 11 - 307 )

The last 3 years my alkaline phosphatase is always below range by 5 - 10 points

If any other results are relevant, I can add them

Thank you so much for any help :)

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I'll leave others to comment on your thyroid results - they know better than me in that respect. The one thing from your bloods that does jump out at me is your ferritin is very low in range, which might account for your exhaustion. Again, others will give you advice on what number to aim for with it but I think you want it to be around half way through the range so definitely higher than yours is. Good luck finding your answers and getting back to better health.

Thank you for that - yes my ferritin is never optimal, but this time last year was 40 - so has dropped a fair bit.

Yes ferritin should certainly be higher - did you get a blood count? would be able to see if shows iron deficiency.

B12 is okay I think but Maybe folate should ideally be higher too but I'm not hugely knowledgable on these. Vit D - I'm not sure with that range as normally it starts at 25? So I'm assuming you're on the low side??? Again others will help more than I can as with these three.

Your T3 level seems okay so don't think you have conversion issues and this is the most important one. Your T4 could be higher but this would be normal if you're taking T3?

If you are still having symptoms, there's certainly a little wiggle room for a small increase of thyroid meds but depends on how you feel - ideally you're tsh would be 1 or just below. Did you have the blood test shortly after taking meds or did you leave it a day?

Sorry just saw your question re alkaline phosphatase - I believe higher levels are more of a concern than low levels but deficiency/malnutrition can cause lower levels - do you eat a good healthy diet or do you have any stomach issues. I think zinc deficiency can cause lower levels too

My gut isnt good at all, very bad this last year, Ive been on acid blocking meds too, which Im now coming off as do not feel im digesting food properly. Im looking into a stool test too.

My diet is generally good - so if Im malnourished etc, im not absorbing rather than not eating properly. Im definitely not underweight.

Thank you :)

Acid meds like that can cause havoc with stomach/absorption and can cause more problems that they help so well worth coming off them as this is likely your issue. How long have you been on?

And sometimes it can be the more obscure minerals that you can be low in accidently even when eating healthily as some things not in many foods at high levels so could easily be missed :-)

thank you Saggyuk, forgot to put on post that I do not take any thyroid meds at present, GP doesnt see any need - they also don't offer any advice re- antibodies, so Im not sure if the level has any significance?

Is the blood count this? :

Serum iron - 17.9 ( 5 - 30 )

TIBC - 62 ( 44 - 80 )

saturation 29% ( 14 - 51% )

Okay, well the antibodies are over range so they are all suggesting you will go that way possibly but they wont medicate until your tsh hits 10. You've done the best thing I can suggest which is to go gluten free and has obviously caused improvements showing in your scan and will hopefully help lower your antibodies.

No that's iron panel, blood count would be the group with RBC, WBC, MCV, etc. Iron panel looks okay but not really used to these as hardly see them, even I've never had one done and i'm always aneamic lol - always go by blood count and ferritin lol!

Well, I don't know what else to suggest as those symptoms can be caused by anything as nothing specific. Obviously others here will give better advice on vits than I can give and you can get them up to a more optimal level. Otherwise, maybe go back to basics and start ruling things out one by one? Check your blood glucose levels are okay - you can get a cheap test pack from pharmacy, make sure getting enough water, reduce sugar, check you are getting everything in your diet including the micro nutrients that aren't normally tested - you can use a website like cronometer to track what you are getting though your diet to see if anything obviously missing. Your low alkaline phophatase might indicate something going on in this area?

Is your stomach okay or do you think you might have additional intolerances - might be worth a six week elimination diet to rule out any others if nothing else pops up.

Just keep looking, each thing you rule out is useful also :-)

Thanks so much for replying in depth, its really helpful - yep I have my blood results here!! Can you guess I get foggy brain too!! ;)

White cell count - 3.45* ( 4 - 1110)

RBC 4.12 ( 4 - 5.210 )

Haemoglobin 128 ( 120 - 160 )

Haemocrit 0.38 ( 0.36 0.46)

MCV 92.5 ( 80 - 99 )

Platelet 255 ( >150 )

Neutrophil 1.79* ( 2 - 7.5)

Lymp 1.36 ( 1.2 - 3.5 )

mononcyte 0.24 ( 0.1 - 0.8)

eosinophil 0.04* ( 0.05 - 0.45 )

Basophil 0.02 ( 0 - .110)

Yes i think I need to concentrate on gut issues for sure - been on H2 blockers on and off for a year - lots of flare ups and tummy bugs/pain prior to this - never heard of that website for micronutrients, so will check that out, thanks very nuch :)

Yes, I would say you're on the aneamic end as your heamoglobin, RBD and heamotocrit are all low in range and with your ferritin, they've certainly treated me at these levels. You can self supplement if not for a couple of months.

You can get ferrous sulphate but this is harsh on your tummy so maybe try floradix. Also take with Vit C as helps with the tummy as does porridge (with me anyway)

Hmmm, there's certainly something seemingly going on with your white blood cells as few of them are below range so maybe why you are getting infections. I might take a look into this and get back to you if find anything obvious as not sure what would do this?

have you had a virus lately or been on antibiotics?

My blood count results have been low since Dec this time - I've been unwell yes, unspecified viral infection over christmas and a common cold back in February which im only just getting over now - no recent Abs

Thank you - will definitely sort some iron then :)

The blood low levels are not that unusual for me, I also wonder what is the cause - I became severely ill with ME/CFS in 2008 - and with every infection my levels go low - as if my body is simply overcome with the infection - and can not fight back - I've had EBV too, and this looks to be the straw that broke the camels back/trigger for my illness - so immune function is possibly damaged/compromised in some way? x

Okay, well I suppose you could have got into some vicious cycle where you've been ill and have low levels and then because you have low levels, you keep getting ill. Antibiotic use doesn't always help this kind of cycle. Only other random infection I can think of that can affect stomach and seems to go but hangs around is strep infections so might be worth a quick strep test but if you've been having antibiotics in the mean time, it should have cleared.

If you do the iron, do it for two months and retest - it's not one you want to overdose in either. You can always order your own tests if doc wont do.

If a choice, always chose topical antibiotics where possible - skin infections/downstairs departments etc lol!

It would be well worth trying everything you can to strengthen your immune system more naturally - things like garlic especially and even raw onion have natural antifungal/antibacterial/antiviral qualities as do many herbs so start dousing your food lol or even garlic capsules.

Selenium specifically will strengthen your immune system and help your thyroid also.

Check no essentials missing in diet as suggested and certainly google whatever natural remedies you can take to help with your stomach rather than using meds - you'd be surprised how effective the more natural things can be although not an expert on what. Get some good probiotics for your tummy and natural yoghurt and try the elimination diet if necessary. Reduce sugar for now as many unfriendlies love this lol :-)

Get your all your levels up (iron and possibly folate - get a good B complex with folate in it) and recheck and if your white blood cells continue to be low after all this, it should be investigated further maybe :-)

Oh and post another post tomorrow with just your vit levels for more expert advice on some of them and what stuff to get :-)

Brilliant, thank you

Have your immunoglobulins checked. And maybe EBV, HHV6, CMV, chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and Cocksackie virus.

Also, have you had estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, and cortisol checked?

With everything else going on, you may have a hormone imbalance causing your weight gain.

Thank you, Ive had some hormone tests with GP, and he said seems fine. I havent had all those checked and not all at same time either.

Where would I go for the tests - do these all need doing privately?

I live in the US where we pay for everything. Likely whatever you can talk your NHS doctor into and go private for the rest. There's value in knowing what's wrong with you and getting treatment to fix it. Better than not knowing


I agree! Im new here too. Im in the states as well 😊 I am a Hashi girl. 49. Trying to learn more. This is a great site!

Do what I do and buy a thyroid support. I've not taken thyroxine for nearly 2 years

I do not know what you mean by thyroid support. There are many products which claim to support the thyroid.

Also somewhat perplexed as just over a year ago you were posting to ask where you can buy desiccated thyroid.

I was using for a year an NDT and the supplier stopped supplying so when I wrote that I was in a panic but I got the same stuff from another supplier

I'm tested every 3 months now and it's normal even though my doctor isn't happy about me not taking thyroxine

I was on 125 mg thyroxine but I wasn't meaning for you to stop thyroxine I mean if u get a thyroid support it will give u what u need with your thyroxine

I might have to go back to thyroxine and thyroid support if the new supplier stopped

But what do YOU mean by Thyroid Support? That is where I am most confused! :-)

Ok was buying thyroid support from Amazon read reviews and you'll find the right one for you

I am not looking for any Thyroid Support! But you are telling people to buy a thyroid support without giving the slightest idea of what YOU mean by that term except that it is obtainable from Amazon!

Are you taking desiccated thyroid (NDT) of any sort as well as Thyroid Support?

[ Edited link as it was a referral link - and such links are not permitted. Thyroid UK has Amazon affiliation and that is the only affiliate linking that is allowed. ]

I was going to ask what is Thyroid Support?? ( I have literally no idea - , im not on any thyroid meds at present) but I see Helvella / admin has already asked :)

Thyroid support products have nutrients which nourish the thyroid to support proper thyroid function. One reputable product contains:

Vitamins C, E & B12







They are not the actual hormones like NDT, T3, and T4...they just work to help proper hormone production. For some people, its enough to help them. Others need more direct approaches.

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