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Sorry, another help with results request


I've just had my results from Medichecks yesterday as GP won't test anything other than TSH.

Bit of history, feeling very hypo since the Autumn. Persuaded doc to do the following in January:

B12 401 (190 - 660)

Folate 4.1 (3.9 - 26.8)

Ferritin is 32.5 (24 - 400).

I've been taking the following since end January:

210 mg ferrous sulphate twice a day taken with vitamin c and zinc. Solgar B12 1000 mg daily. Solgar folate 400mcg daily. Vitamin B Complex with 400 mcg folic acid. Vitamin D Spray 3000 plus a Vitamin K2. Selenium 200mgc daily.

Symptoms now are: brain fog, tiredness, lethargy, muscle aches and arms and legs, dry heavy eyes, poor digestion, half a stone weight gain, some night anxiety and just generally feeling low.

Just had the following from Medichecks:

TSH 0.81 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.2)

FT4 18.3 pmol/l (12.0 - 22.0)

FT3 3.6 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

This is the first time I've had my FT3 tested and obviously it seems very low. I've previously felt well when my FT4 was right at the very top of the range and that seems to have dropped. But the TSH is under 1 so not sure doctor is going to be keen to up my levo.

If I do manage to get extra levo do you reckon this will be enough to raise FT3 to a better level (presumably it's the low FT3 that's causing my symptoms)?

The benefit of anyone's experience greatly appreciated.


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foreversummer Your T4:T3 conversion is poor. Good conversion takes place when FT4: FT3 ratio is 4:1 or less (some say 3:1). Yours is 18.3 : 3.6 = 5.08 : 1

If you increase your Levo you might see a slight rise in your FT3 but it probably wont be enough. Most hypo patients feel best when FT4 is in the upper third of range with FT3 in the upper quarter.

I think you would probably benefit from the addition of T3 to your Levo or changing to NDT.

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Thank you seaside Susie. The thing I didn't mention is that I changed to t eva at the end of last year. I dontn know if that has a difference. I couldn't get mercury pharma.

I might ask to go back to mp and for an increase first.

Can any one pm please with your t3 source and cost in case. Bit nervous.

Many thanks.



Quite a few people have mentioned that they don't get on with Teva. It might be an idea to try going back to MP first.

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