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need help reading the new B/test

need help reading the new B/test

this is my latest test result and my really good and helpfull GP, likes my TSH and the free T3 but thinks the T4 is way too low.

i am on 40 mcg Tertroxine (liothyronine) and 50mcg eutroxsig (t4)

he now whants me to up my t4 to 4 days of 50 and 3 days of 100.

the t3 he wants me to take down to 20mcg per day.

i don't want to that, because of the higher dosis of the t3 ( i am taking the higher dose for 3 month now) , I am sure that is why i lost 5 kg without changing my diet AND i haven't got a lot of appetite neither anymore!

i upped my vitamines as well, but my gp said i dont need any supplements!! he did not want to give me a vitamine panel...

the next bloodtest in june is about:

E/EFTs, FBE ,HDL CHOLESTEROL, TSH, B12, T3, T4 and Vit D on non rebate.

my supplements are

Q10. 150mg

D3. 4000

K2. 45mcg

B12. 2000mcg

selenium. 100mcg


celate. 1000mcg

glucosamine. 1500

iron plus. with 5mg of iron glycerinate 2x a week

since i upped the vitamines i pee a lot and it feel as if i don't retain as much water anymore, do n any of you know with of the pills are helping me here?

i will try and put the master test results from last year in the answers

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. can't put copies in the replay. that'll be 4 more posts from me then!


It doesn't matter if the FT4 is low. It is low because you are taking T3 and you don't need it. The body only hangs on to what it needs. If you feel well on that dose, don't change a thing!

Doctors, as a general rule, know even less about nutrients than they do about hormones!



that is what i thought.

only, we say in here, ths under 1, t4 and t3 up two third , one third from the top.

but maybe that is for t4 only medication?


That is for T4 only, yes. :)

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I've been told when taking any form of T3 that TSH suppressed and can even be zero. FT3 towards top of range and FT4 can fall to halfway in range andcyour body knows if getting enough T3 it only needs to hold onto enoighbT4 to spring into action if the T3 Soutar dries up.

Lots of us supplement to feel good and most because we aren't converting well but when taking T3 you can't see that in the results. But the fact that you are urinating more suggests to me me that may be your conversation isn't brilliant and the extra vitamins are helping so you are converting better and so you bodyvis getting rid of the fluid that has been accumulationg. Make sure you are still drinking plenty or you can get dehydrated. It's also possible that these minerals have increased conversation to such an extent that you may now be slightly over medicated. You need to keep an eye on that.

I wasn't. Inverting well and have floated, ferritin, Vit D and B12 tested. Apart from ferritin they were all very low and after supplementing my FT3 increased a lot and I started to feel great but it took several months to get to that point.

If it was me I would keep up the vitamins etc as good forcthyroid and general well being bit get them tested to see where there are now and may be drop the T3 a minute amount which will encourage you body to increase the T4 as well but it's all about getting the right balance so may take some time. I wouldn't change both T3 and T4 at the same time if you won't know which has done what.


thank you silverfox. x


i will Cut down to 35mcg now so my gp will be happy. i leave my T4 by 50mcg. thanks again.


Do you take a good Vit B complex? Folate and some other B's are needed to help absorption of B12 :)

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yes silverfary i take some extra b's in kefir. i might have to drink the kefir when taking the b12's. Thanks x


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