Test Results, low temp, no weight loss

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Down below is the story, but I got my results back:

Maybe my Free t3 is still too high to see weight loss? It's free t3: 4.5 (range is 2.0-4.4), free t4: 1.60 (range is 0.8-1.6), tsh 0.840 (range is 0.45-5.40). Does this mean that I'm converting into t3 good and don't need to consider taking t3? I currently take Levo (125 mcg)

I've also noticed that I've been very cold again lately and I just checked my temperature and it's 36 degrees. Has anyone heard of Wilson's Temp. Syndrom? Maybe I should start focusing on my temp. ?

I'm going to be going in again and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for what to get done on my blood work. I have Hashimotos and have been on 125 mcg of Levothyroxine for about two months now. I have the perfect amount of energy, no more drowsiness or brain fog and my hair has stopped falling out! The only issue I'm having is that I can't seem to lose any weight! I'm working out - a combination of HIIT, strength, and stretching. I take Selenium, multivitamin, and magnesium and eat fairly low carb, moderate healthy fats and protein, and don't eat things like muffins, white flour, candy, chocolates, etc. I even switched birth control to the copper IUD but am now having re-occurance of my PCOS and very heavy periods so I worry that I should go back on the pill or some type of hormone but I know my PCOS is also from the Hashis. Any tips would be much appreciated about supplements, blood work, switching up my medication, etc. Thank you!

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  • As your FT3 is over-range, I very much doubt that taking T3 is going to help you. But, it's not just about hormones, it's also about nutrients. You're not going to lose weight if you have nutritional deficiencies.

    Put that multvit in the bin, where it belongs! So many reasons why it's a bad idea to take a multivit, but one of them is that there's not enough of anything in it to treat a true deficiency. It would be far better to get your nutrients tested and just take what you need, in quantities you need - too much is usually as bad as too little.

    Ask your doctor to test vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin for starters. But, if you're on a copper IUD, get your copper and zinc tested. Hypos usually have high copper levels, and low zinc. It's ok to continue with the selenium and magnesium, and you can add vitamin C to that. You can take up to 5000 mg a day of vit C, depending on gut tolerance. :)

  • Thank you, I asked him to check all of these and he said they wouldn't change my treatment plan so he doesn't think they are necessary. He knows about my IUD, PCOS and weight issues so I'm unsure as to why he doesn't see where I'm coming from. I think I need a new doctor but geez starting all over!

  • Doctors know nothing about nutrition and the importance of optimal nutrients. I'm afraid we're usually on our own with that. But, if you are low - or high - in any of them, it certainly would change your treatment plan. But, I wouldn't expect him to know that.

    What usually happens is that patients manage, one way or another, to persuade their doctors to do the tests, their doctors say everything is 'fine', whatever the results, and the patient works out their own supplement plan. But, if he won't agree, you could always do them privately. Details of private tests are on the ThyroidUK main page.

  • If you have PCOS you will have an issue with high insulin. Any starchy carb or fruit you eat will require insulin to shunt the sugar into cells for energy. Insulin becomes a fat storage hormone. You have to reduce your insulin requirements so a ketodiet is best. Get rid of starch and get your carbs from veg grown above the ground. Use good fats for energy. I promise you the weight will drop off.

  • Thanks, I've been doing less carbs and startches just haven't gone full turkery yet. Suppose it's time though, thanks for the push!

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