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Help with blood test results please

Hi. Could someone very kindly take a look over these thyroid blood results and advise if I can make any adjustments to my meds to optimise them? I have been feeling very tired lately, memory issues and putting on weight. Doctor is happy with results and no changes recommended.

TSH greater than 0.05 ( 3.1 TO 6.8)

T4 14.2 (9.0 TO 21.0)

FREE T3 5.0 (no range given)

I take 75 Mcg T4 in the morning and 15 Mcg T3 twice a day. I take cyanocobalamin 3 x 50 Mcg tablets at night.

I've had other blood tests done for menopause etc but got no results as these were 'satisfactory- no action'.

I don't eat gluten or dairy and eat very little sugar.

Really appreciate any advice.


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You're taking the wrong B12. You need methylcobalamin, you won't absorb the cyano. And you need at least 1000 mcg - probably more, depends on what your result was.

Have you had your ferritin tested?

Even without the range, there's room to increase the T3.

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Thanks greygoose. I didn't realise that I have been taking the wrong B12. I've been prescribed it for years so will ask for a change. I'm not sure what was tested to be honest. I will ask for a print out tomorrow. Will look at increasing the T3 then too. Cheers


So you were prescribed it! That explains it all. Doctors will only ever prescribe the cheapest ones - the ones you can't absorb! - and the smallest doses. That's why there are so many people suffering with deficiencies. It's as if you were taking nothing. I don't suppose your doctor will change your prescription. I doubt he knows the difference! You'd be far better off buying your own.


Funny you should say that! I have just been online and ordered patches for methylcobalamin. Decided I would like to start ASAP. I suffer from stomach complaints which is one reason for my restricted diet and have to wonder if the cyanocobalamin has been contributing to those problems.


I don't know about that, but you'll surely feel better with the right B12. :)


For sure 😊

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hi I wish I could take u with me to see my gp.


lol If I could I'd go with you. Come to think of it, I could make a fortune hiring myself out to go to the doctors with people! lol But, as a general rule, doctors don't listen, they just do what they want whatever you say.



"TSH greater than 0.05 ( 3.1 TO 6.8)" - that seems to be an utterly useless piece of information! Is that what is actually on the print out? It tells you nothing. It doesn't even say if you are in range. (Ha ha, just a little rant there!) You are sure it is > (greater than) and not < (less than) aren't you? <0.05 would make more sense as supplementing with T3 will suppress TSH.

FT4 is low. 15 is mid range and most people are generally better with FT4 in the upper third which would be 17+. It's hard to comment on FT3 with no range and it's pointless guessing as ranges differ from lab to lab.

Did you buy the cyanocobalamin or were they prescribed? It is the wrong type of B12, you need methylcobalamin


and you should be taking them in the morning as B12 has a stimulating effect. General rule is vitamins in the morning, minerals at night.


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Thanks for your advice Seaside Sue. Some really useful info. They read the results over the phone and so I queried the 'greater than/less than' with them. I know what you mean with no rangesuccess to go by it makes things more difficult. I'm prescribed cyanocobalamin and have been for years so will query that with the doctor. I was taking the b12 at night to keep it away from the T4 but will need to rethink themail timing. Thanks again.


Always Ask for a print out of the test results.


Good advice. Will do.


Hi. Thanks for the information. We do have a few family members with thyroid issues so I will look into the possibility thyroid resistance.


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