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Latest test results - help please

Hi everyone,

I've just had my latest thyroid results from Genova - suggested by my functional health practitioner. I can't upload them, so here they are:

T4 122 (range 58-161) TSH 0.00 (Range 0.40-4.00) irrelevant as I have a pituitary problem. FT4 16.1 (Range 11.5-22.7) FT3 18.1 (Range 2.8-6.5) FT4:FT3 ratio 0.9 (Range 2.0-4.5 Ratio) fT3 0.47 (Range 0.14-0.54) TG 99 (Range < 40) TPO 609 (Range < 35). I was on 2.5 grains of NDT and .25 of T3.

Should I stop the T3? Does it look like I have a conversion problem?

I'm still experiencing symptoms of extreme tiredness in the afternoon and just cannot lose weight no matter what I do. I've been avoiding going gluten free as I don't eat much gluten anyway (only hidden gluten as I rarely eat bread/pasta), but it looks as though I'm going to have to go down that route as the TPO level has increased since my last test.

I take various vitamins as suggested by my FHP and have stopped daily Vit D as I went over range. I've tried 2 adrenal supports she suggested and have stopped both as I felt worse on them.

I've recently had a health check and my cholesterol was excellent, they're only concerned with my weight/BMI, although this time, my blood pressure was raised, so I've been asked to see my GP. My temp is consistently low - never been anywhere near 37. Highest has been 36.3 and lowest 35.4. I've been keeping track of it for 60+ days and it averages at 36.0 over that time. it was 35.9 this morning. I had liquorice cravings and also cravings for cashew nuts - both these have gone away after taking supplements. Apparently liquorice calms the adrenals and cashews provide magnesium.

Any suggestions from you knowledgeable people would be much appreciated.

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Did you leave about 24 hours between your last dose of hormones and the blood test? If not the results could be skewed.

Was the test at the very earliest appointment and fasting? The results could be skewed if not.


Yes I did. I left a good 24 hours before testing and it was a fasting test, I didn't even have water.


Why have you got two FT3s? Is one an rT3? If so, that's well in range.

But the FT3 of 18.1 is much too high. As shaws asked, did you take your NDT before the test? It's best to leave a gap of 12 hours between the last dose and the taking of the blood. Otherwise, all you're measuring is your last dose, and it's bound to be high.

You cannot tell if you have a conversion problem when you are taking any form of T3, because the FT4 is bound to be low, and doesn't signify anything. In any case, if you have a conversion problem, the FT4 will be high.

I have no idea what a functional health practitioner is. Is it a doctor? Or a nurse? What supplements has s/he recommended to you, exactly, and how much? Did you get any tests done before starting taking them?

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A functional health practitioner is one who looks at nutrition and supplements rather than just synthetic medications. She's helping me with toxicity, gut/liver issues and potential adrenal problems. She's a trained pharmacist too.

I did not take my NDT before the test, I took it after and I didn't even have water before the test, so there was at good 24 hours medication free before I took the test.

Sorry, the 2nd fT3 should read rT3, Yes I did have blood tests before I took the supplements. I have previously posted them on here.

I was taking Vit D as my Vit D was 78 (range 50-175). I supplemented Vit D3 of 10,000IUdaily for 6 weeks and was then told to supplement only once a week with this dose and 1 a week with the dose of 2000IU prescribed by Dr (previously 2000IU every 2 weeks).

I was supplementing with B12 as recommended on this site as my B12 was previously 326 (range 250-1000) on 2nd May and was advised to stop at the end of July as my B12 went up to 1444 (range 250-1000).

As well as the NDT, I am currently taking:

2 methyl multinutrient tablets daily

2 Super B complex tablets daily.

2 x 400mg Magnesium citrate daily as well as daily magenesium baths.

1 Selenium 200 mcg daily.

4 500mg Sea Buckthorn oil capsules (Omega 7) for my eye problems, which are much better as a result.

1 Advanced Multi-billion dolphilus daily.

I used to take Vit C daily, but was advised to stop as my ferritin level went to 161.8 (range 20-150) It's reduced to 104 (range 10-291). Original test was BH and the 2nd was through NHS.

My TPA result has increased from 198.8 in July to 609 in October although TPGA result has reduced from 393.7 to 99 during that same period.

Not sure if any of this helps.


Your FT3 is exceptionally high. I think for the time-being don't take it as 25mcg is around 100mcg of levo (in effect) for about three weeks and have your FT3 checked. 2.5 grains of NDT is equal (in effect to about 250mcg of levo) so, roughly you have been taking 350mcg of thyroid hormones daily.

The fact that you have clinical symptoms indicates your dose isn't benefiting you, due to being symptomatic.

NDT as you know also contains T3 so you are getting sufficient T3. Usually if on levo you can add T3.

I know its a problem sometimes to get to a dose which makes you well.

Do you take your supplements etc. well away from thyroid hormones. I take mine at lunchtime as most have to be taken with food. I take T3 first thing when I get up.

(I am not medically qualified but have tried quite a few variations too until I finally got success).


Hi Shaws,

Thanks for your reply.

I added a quarter tablet of 20mgs T3 so only 0.25 not 25mcgs. I only added it after posting my last results here in July when my FT3 was in the low range and it was suggested that I add a little bit of T3. I take all thyroid meds first thing before I wake away from any food or supplements which I take at tea time. I don't drink coffee as I seem to have become very sensitive to caffeine.


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