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Assistance with lab results please

Fortunately, I found this site and also a physician willing to work with me after years of struggles. Some improvement since adding T3 but not there yet.

I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow and I was thinking that taking the Synthroid back to 75-mcg and upping the Liothyronine dose a bit more would be a next step?

I will also ask him to do labs on Vitamin D and B-12 as well as ferritin and folate as everyone suggests. Thank you so much!

02/07/17 - 75-mcg Synthroid / 5-mcg Liothyronine

T4 (0.82-1.77) 1.24

T3 (71-180) 93

TSH (0.450-4.50) 0.331

04/06/17 - 50-mcg Synthroid / 10-mcg Liothyronine

T4 (0.82-1.77) .78

T3 (71-180) 83

TSH (0.450-4.50) 0.597

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With these figures, I'd leave the T4 as is, and gently up T3 till your TSH is about 0.1.


Thank you for the quick reply!! I wish changes in medication worked as quickly ;')


Wise advice from Diogenes.

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Thank you!

I was going to ask if he will increase T3 by 5-mcg. What could I consider a gentle timeframe for Liothyronine impact? Is 2-3 weeks an unreasonable time to expect results with this change?


You might find around 2-3 weeks is fine because adjusting doses too quickly wont benefit us. Always go by how you feel. 5mcg of T3 is about equal to 15mcg of levothyroxine. I always have taken doses once daily, even combined doses.


Thank you for the tips … makes sense.

I have also come to realize that too much stress or even a fun exercise exertion can set me on my heels for days.

But I've made more progress with the addition of T3 than I have in years with T4 only treatment.

A big thanks to this site for SO much valuable information and confirmation.

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I made a mistake above (amended) and 5mcg of T3 is around 15mcg levo (not 30mcg).

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