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Help with thyroid results

Had thyroid tested 1 year ago while on 100 mcg of levothyroxine and results were

Tsh 0.518 range of 0.450-4.500

Total t3 112 range of 71-180

T4,free direct 1.76 range of 0.82-1.77

Still on same dose of levo and New thyroid tests show

Tsh 1.040 range of 0.450-4.500

T3 195 range of 71-180

T4, free direct 1.65 range of 0.82-1.77

I don't know what all these numbers mean I just know I feel horrible I ache all over, hair loss, weight gain, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, dry skin. Doctors wanted to rule as fibromyalgia, but it's not my muscles that hurt, it's my joints. Have been tested for rheumatoid arthritis and it came back normal. I'm so tired of going to doc after doc and having them test and then tell me my tests are normal.

What gives? What can you all make of the numbers? I am scheduled to see endocrinologist next month for more tests so I can be told I'm "normal"😡

Any input appreciated!!

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Did you take your 100mcg of levothyroxine before having your blood tested?

There's something that doesn't quite add up here - I'm surprised your TSH is over 1.0 with a T3 result that's over-range.

Are you taking any other medications?


I've never been told not to take before being tested. The only other med is birth control. And yes I agree with you about the numbers and something being off.


A Total T3 test gives you no useful information. You need a Free T3 test to kniw how well you are converting. But, of course, if you take your levo before the test, you will just be testing the dose you just took, not what's normally in your blood. Unfortunately, doctors don't seem to understand that.

And, what time of day did you do these tests? If they weren't both taken at the same time of day, you can't compare them. Your TSH will be highest early in the morning, after having fasted over night. It will decrease as the day goes on, and after having eaten. And, as doctors only seem to look at the TSH, we need it as high as we can get it. FT3 also varies throughout the day.


Good advice from GG. I f you look on the Thyroid UK site you will find loads of information, do and don'ts. Aging joints could well be a Vitamin D deficiency. We are often low in such thinks so get D3, B12 and folate tested as these are very important to thyroid health as well and you may need to supplement. If D3 is very low you will need a booster dose to bring it up and then a maintenance dose to keep it there.

Best though to get things tested and post results again so we can take it a step at a time but read the extra info, shout out if something you don't understand etc and getting managed better may well make some improvement to your thyroid health and general well being. It's not going to right itself over night and you may well need to take other things as well depending on results but this will hopefully be a big step forward.

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Thanks all for the great info. I will make sure I'm fasting and no Levo the morn I go to Endocrinoglist. Thanks again.


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