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Lab results-guidance please

Hello friends- I am in the USA with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. After slowly increasing dosage of NT, got to 65 mg 2x/day for last 7 weeks. Overall my symptoms have descreased (no more constipation, hair stopped falling out, energy back, brain fog gone) a lot since getting to 65mg 2x/day. However, in last 3 weeks I feel weight creeping back on especially in my middle and my appetite dwindling. I wonder if NT needs tweaking?

Labs done fasting

Trilodothyronine (T3) 80ng/dL Normal (71-180)

FSH serum 25.9 mlU/mL Normal (no range given)

Ferritin 42ng/mL Normal (15-150)

Reverse T3 10.6ng/dL Normal (9.2-24.1)

Cortisol am 14.2ug/dL Normal (6.2-19/4)

TSH 0.204 uIU/mL Low (0.450-4.500)

T4 Free 0.69 ng/dL Low (0.82-1.77)

Thank you!

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Hi Furbabymommy! I am one too🐶🐶 & in Ohio... Is NT Natural desiccated thyroid? I'm sorry I'm not familiar with it as I use Levothyroxine & Cytomel .

Is it mg or mcg you use? Also you wrote FSH. Are you still cycling? The only reason I ask is if you are concerned about pregnancy in the future. This site is vital

Weight in the middle rings hormone imbalance to me. Perhaps some food sensitivity is at play

Dr.Sara is a God send for me.

Hope this starts some answers for you😊


Hi Boohbette17! Hi from your neighbor state! My son goes to Pitt. We live near Philadelphia. I love going out to Pitt because everything changes for better: prettier land, nice people. I frequently say its the Ohio effect!

Thanks or your reply.

I still have an occasional period, maybe 1-2x/yr. At 53 pregnancy not a concern.

Ng, darn-Should have provided that information. I take Naturethroid.

I also realize I need a lab level for reverse t 3.

Yes, you're onto something. My doc had me compete the Metagenics Clear Change Cleanse

lasted 30 days, limited foods, protein powder, supplements, no coffee or sugar.

I lost 16 lbs, felt great and kept the food regimen for the most part (primarily eat cooked veggies, lentils, rice, chicken). I stay gluten free, sugar free and dairy free and like eating this way. But this middle bulge is creeping back fast. (Prior to the cleanse I was gluten free). I also excercise (spin class, run).

I am on the estrogen patch at .05, progesterone 100mg 1x at night and testosterone estradiol creme 1mg at night. (The doc just reduced the patch on 6/1 from .075 to .05 because my midsection was growing)

My doc is a naturopath gyno and great. She is open to my suggestions and comments when I let her know something is going awry...growing midsection now.

Given all this information, does it appear its a food sensitivity ties to hormones?

Please tell me about your experience with Dr. Sara's regimen.

Best-Furmabymommy of 1 cat and 1 small dog


Error-I need to get Free t3 lab reading


Hellooooo!!! How wonderful , we are neighbors👍😊

Seems you are an early riser where as due to BF work schedule I am a night owl ( ip til 3-4a EST) so please know that Im slow to reply from that 😜

Wow! Sounds like you have a truly wonderful doc!! And that cleanse was a success. I cant stop speaking enough about the amazing info I learned thru Dr.Sara hormonereset - she does an anti aging one as well. Im 49 & went into early menopause at 44 her reset restored my body sanity. 10 yrs of no weightloss til her. I lost 25 & still on the program quarterly. For me grains & dairy are BIG thyroid stoppers. Hope you look into it. 😃 Im enroute to a doc appt- will write more later🌈


Hi Furbabymommy!!!


I was looking for "mama" not mommy & tonight I was determimed to find you😊

I know you ate not asking but I must explain both of my parents had passed by the time I was 44.5 ( my dad 1998 & my mom 2012) just as I was getting a bit settled ( newly diagnosed w Hashimotos) my only sibling a brother suffered a subarachnoid hemmorage & survived & the repair surgery then last year he had an episode of syncope - then we learned he needed another "repair" and then a second syncope !! Its been intense & the appointment last week was another test to find causes of the syncope & until we figure out , I must do all driving, including weekend trips to visit his children across toen. The days fly.

I hope you are well😃


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