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Lab Results please help

Hello. I am on synthroid 50mcg for about a year now. Still feel like total crap. T4 is 9.6 (4.5-12.0), T4 free is 1.31 (0.82-1.77), T3 is 137 (71-180), TSH is 0.432 (0.45-4.5).

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So you didn't have a Free T3 done? That would have given you the most information. Total T3 tests free T3 and bound T3 together, and you have no idea how much of each.

If you feel bad, with lots of hypo symptoms, then it could be that your T3 is low because you aren't converting well. But you would need to test the FT4 and the FT3 at the same time to find out.


No they didn't test that. But I feel so weak. Like I can barely do anything. My legs feel extremely heavy and my arms get tired very easily.


Well, you've got plenty of room for an increase. Sounds like you really need one! 50 mcg is just a starter dose. Next time you have a test, ask them to test the FT3, rather than the TT3


I will. Thank you


You're welcome. :)


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