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Looking for GP or endocrinologist in Newcastle area for NDT Rx

I'm moving from the United States to Newcastle soon and am hoping to find a doctor in the area who is willing to prescribe WP Thyroid (a natural desiccated thyroid made by the same company that produces Nature-throid). A GP who is willing to prescribe WP Thyroid on a named-patient basis would be ideal.

I have a letter from my current doctor that details my diagnosis of hypothyroidism, the fact that this is the medication that has worked best for me (while levothyroxine, liothyronine, and Nature-throid have been ineffective), that my dose has been steady for the past several months, and other information and recommendations regarding my treatment. It also notes that because I take a medication containing T3, my TSH will typically be suppressed in lab work, but my T3 and T4 levels should be in range and I have never had any hyper symptoms on this medication -- that said, I will also need a doctor that won't be alarmed by the low TSH.

My US doctor is willing to continue working with me, but logistically and financially it would be best to have a source for a WP Thyroid prescription in the UK if I can find one. Additionally, knowing which GPs or doctors that would be unable to help would be appreciated!

My understanding is that these questions are preferably answered via PM, so please feel free to message me, and thank you in advance for any advice.

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Welcome to the forum, Alannalifts.

NDT isn't licensed to for UK use so you are unlikely to get it prescribed on the NHS. GPs can prescribe unlicensed medication on a named patient basis but most are unwilling to assume the personal responsibility of prescribing an unlicensed medication. You may need to find a private doctor willing to prescribe you WP. Email for a list of member recommended practitioners and endocrinologists.

If anyone knows of a GP in Newcastle willing to prescribe NDT they will contact you via private message. To read a private message click on the email notification or red dot notification above your username.

In the UK it is permitted to import prescription medications for your own use and that of your household. WP can be bought online without prescription. Click on my username and click on Messages to send me a private message if you are interested in a source.

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